PDF is a great option for maintaining the original formatting of some documents.

However, when you try to edit them, it might be a bit frustratingHowever, there are few quick and simple tricks for removing the pages from the PDFThere are Adobe Acrobat and many third-party software tools which you can get for freeThese tips come in handy when you have to send someone a compact PDF file with all the information.

  1. Adobe Acrobat

Adobe Acrobat is the pioneering program to introduce PDF files. With this, you can easily delete the pages from your PDF file. However, you should know that you cannot delete the pages without the Adobe Acrobat subscription. If you don’t have the premium version, you can simply opt for the 7-day trial. Nonetheless, this can be a hassle and is just a temporary solution. If you don’t want to use this tool, you can try out the other online tools that are available.

  1. Small PDF

With this software, you can convert the PDF file into a word document. Nevertheless, you can also use it for removing pages from PDF. This tool helps in condensing the document into a small file and keeps the pages you require. The best part about this tool is that it also gives you a copy of the PDF which you want to keep. This means there is no need to alter your original document.

  1. Sejda

Sejda online software is pretty easy to use. It provides a comprehensive range of editing services for PDF like unlocking or protecting documents, adding electronic signatures, and converting some file types into PDF. The tool also makes sure that the files are secure. All you have to do is add the file and as the pages appear on the display box, you can scroll and delete it. In case you don’t know which page you want to remove and ensure that you are deleting the correct page, simply zoom in and out using the zoom slider. Once you delete the pages, you can save the file.

  1. PDF Candy

Apart from extracting images from PDF and turning images into PDF, the tool will also help you to delete pages from PDF file. You delete pages from files which are private or confidential. The uploaded content is processed for editing. It is a quick and efficacious process.

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