Nothing can embellish the wall than the wallpaper. These days, you can find 3D wallpapers to beautify your home the way you wish. Still, you could find people that live with the wallpaper that they do not like.

Now, I am going to share a few steps with you to let you know how to remove the wallpaper backing with all ease and comfort.

  1. Prepare the Floor

When it is about removing the wallpaper, we all know that a lot of waste papers and dust will spill on the floor, so you need to protect your floor for sure.

  • You need to lay a drop cloth on your floor to protect your floor from experiencing dust and wastes.
  • If you have switchboards on the wall, where you are going to work on, then it is better to cut down the power supply to that switchboard.
  • Next is that you need to take off the utility covers and switch plates.
  1. Use the Wallpaper Scrapper

As far as removing the wallpaper is concerned, the use of the scraper cannot be avoided. Scrapping off the wallpaper would be easy and time-saving while comparing to attempting to remove the wallpaper by hands.

  • First of all, you need to loosen all the four corners of your wallpaper with the reliable assistance of the wallpaper scraper.
  • Now, you need to work on the top corner of the wallpaper to pull it downwards. You need to go slowly and steadily to pull off the whole section of the wallpaper.
  • At times, the wallpaper may tears. If you experience something like that, then you need to grab another corner and try to pull it again.
  • You need to repeat the steps until you have removed the whole section of the wallpaper with scrapping and peeling.
  • If you could not able to remove much of the wallpaper by peeling, then you can consider using the sanding block to sand down the glue.
  1. Apply Wallpaper Remover Paste

Once you have removed the maximum section of the wallpaper, then you need to move on removing the remaining of the wallpaper, that is the wallpaper backing.

  • You need to apply the wallpaper remover paste on the wallpaper backing according to the instructions of the retailers. Use the sponge roller or spray bottle to apply the wallpaper remover paste.
  • You can buy the wallpaper remover paste in the store near to your home or office.
  • The retailer usually will instruct you to wait for the period of ten minutes after the application of wallpaper remover paste.
  1. Scrap the Adhesive Layer

So far, you would have applied wallpaper remover paste onto the wallpaper backing and waited for ten minutes, now you need to peel off the adhesive layer.

  • It is recommended to use the wallpaper scraper to remove the adhesive layer.
  • You can use the paper towels to scrape off the glue from your wallpaper scraper.
  • The point is that you need to use the wallpapers scraper with caution. The reason is that the sharp edges of the wallpaper scrapper can bring holes or cracks or nicks onto your wall.
  1. Remove the Remaining Wallpaper Backing

At times, it is possible that the reaming layers of the wallpaper backing would be still sticking onto the wall. If you find anything like that, then you need to remove it completely.

  • You need to use the rag to remove the leftover wallpaper backing.
  • Dip the rag in the adhesive remover to remove the leftover wallpaper backing. It is better to use rubber glove when dipping the rag in the adhesive remover.

Yes, still people think, removing the wallpaper and especially the wallpaper backing is tough and not doable. Do you really think so? I do not think so.


If you do not have adhesive remover, then you can mix an equal amount of vinegar and water and use this mix as an adhesive remover to remove the wallpaper backing. You should be prepared to repair your walls once after removing the wallpaper backing. Keep the trash bag in your workplace to put the wastes.

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