Skunks are smelly creatures which you don’t wish to encounter around your house.

However, these mischievous animals seldom make their way into people’s homes which is why we bring you some effective techniques to keep them away.

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  1. Avoid Littering

Skunks are scavengers so they venture into inhabited areas in search of food and shelter. If your garden or home is littered with food scraps and waste, then skunks may pay you a visit.

  • Keep waste only the designated area.
  • Avoid leaving clothes or other objects lying around the garden.
  • Avoid throwing waste food out into the garden for animals.
  • Ensure that you don’t leave any waste just lying around.
  1. Cover Your Garbage and Waste

Skunks are seldom attracted to unattended garbage or waste in search of scraps of food. To make your house skunk proof you must ensure that you keep your garbage covered.

  • Don’t leave waste in open dustbins.
  • If the dustbin is full, don’t keep the waste beside the dustbin.
  • Use metallic garbage cans which cannot be spilled over easily.
  • Utilize the covers provided along with garbage cans.
  1. Check for Places that Skunks Can Use as Shelter

There may be a lot of places around your home that can be used by skunks for shelter. These can be spaces between buildings, holes or unattended sheds.

  • Break any structures that you don’t need, and you feel that the skunks can use as shelter.
  • Make sure all entries to your house, sheds and other structures around your house are properly sealed.
  • Ensure that there are no burrows or excavations in your backyard or garden.
  1. Install Motion Water Sprinklers

In case the skunk menace shows no signs of subsiding, you can opt for installing motion-based water sprinklers around your garden.

  • These water sprinklers turn on when they sense movement.
  • So, when a skunk approaches your house, the sensors in these sprinklers will be triggered and they will turn on.
  • They will spray water in every direction around them thus startling the skunk.
  • The startled skunk will scurry away and not venture close to your house again.
  1. Install More Garden Lights

Skunks are nocturnal animals that come to hunt for food in the dark. You can use this nocturnal nature of theirs to drive them away.

  • Install lights around the garden which will deter skunks from entering your house.
  • You can even install motion sensing lights which will turn on when the skunk nears your garden.
  • Make sure the lights installed are bright and of high intensity.
  • You can opt for solar-powered lights as well to save energy.
  1. Use the Different Scents

You can confuse the skunk by using different scents of animals like foxes and dogs. These scents will act as an effective deterrent as the skunk will think there are hostile animals in your house.

  • Foxes and dogs are the predators of skunks and hence skunks will be afraid of them.
  • You can just place the scent of such animals in the garden to drive away skunks.
  • To place their scents, you can spray their urine here and there or place some fir fibers in strategic places.
  • Certain products containing such scents are also available in the market which can be opted for.
  • Certain citrus peels like orange and lemon peel are also believed to have skunk deterrent properties.
  1. Set Traps

If you have a particular set of skunks that visit your house often or have made your house their home, then you can set traps to catch them.

  • Lay the traps in open areas in the garden where the skunks are likely to come across them.
  • Put some food in the trap as bait.
  • Make metallic traps from wire mesh such that a skunk cannot come out once it goes in.
  1. Opt for a Professional Skunk Repellent

There are a lot of skunk repellents in the market which can be opted for to provide effective deterrence against skunks.

  • Liquid repellents can be sprayed to keep skunks of particular surfaces.
  • Granular Repellents can be used to create borders around particular areas that the skunk frequently visits.
  • Electric repellents are sophisticated repellents which detect the movement of the skunk and then startle it with sudden bursts of water.
  1. Use Ammonia Dipped Cloth

When all else fails, you can rely on the pungent smell of ammonia to get rid of skunks from around your house.

  • Take a piece of cloth, dip it in ammonia and then place it the area that the skunk frequents.
  • For this method to be effective, you need to know which area the skunk frequents.
  • You can place an ammonia dipped cloth under your porch for effective deterrence.
  1. Garbage and Ramp Trap

When it comes to traps, the garbage and ramp traps is the widely used method which is completely effective on deterring skunks from your backyard or home. All you need to do is follow the right steps to set it up and voila, they’ll be gone.

  • Get a metal can, size of which should be bigger than the skank you’re dealing with and get a plank of wood with height that can steeply reach the metal can.
  • Place some cat food as a part of the garbage and keep the can against a wall so that it doesn’t trip off when the skank climbs it.


  • Always use humane methods of skunk deterrence.
  • Don’t try to approach or attach the skunk.

If you spot a skunk, give it space to leave and then apply any of the skunk deterrence methods.

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