In this article, we are walking you through on how to reset your MacBook Pro. Specifically, this will include erasing all data and reinstalling it again. Reasons for factory reset might consist of the following.

  • If you are selling or giving your MacBook Pro away.
  • Also, if you need to change the Administrator name on the computer.
  • Solve various software issues with your Mac.

If you have gone through possible troubleshooting and cannot resolve the issue with Mac, this is the perfect method to reset your device.

Method to Backing up Data Before Resetting MacBook Pro

Mac reset is going to erase everything on your Mac. Before proceeding to the following steps, make sure you have properly backed up your photos, videos, and other essential documents. Also, you want to take notice of the hardware specifications before you restore it.

Step 1: Foremost, click on the “Apple” icon on the top left corner and go down to “System Preferences”.

Step 2: On system preferences, look for where it says “iCloud”, click on it.

Step 3: From the prompted screen, turn on the iCloud service.

Step 4: Hit on “Options” and then Select relevant documents and finally click “Done” to save them to the iCloud drive.

Now, you will also require to log out of iCloud to make sure nothing unintended occurs to our content on iCloud.

Step 5: On the iCloud drive, untick “Find my Mac” and click on the “Sign Out” option.

Step 6: After that, the system asks if you want to save a copy of data, uncheck all the listings, and continue.

The Process to Reset MacBook Pro

At this point, you should have logged out of Apple ID on every application including; iTunes, iCloud and unpair Bluetooth devices on your Mac. Follow the comprehensive steps below for the detailed process to reset the MacBook pro.

  • Step 1: Firstly, turn off your MacBook Pro completely.
  • Step 2: Now use one of the following hotkey combination to boot up Mac to utility screen.
  • CMD + R (Use this key combination if you are fixing issues and keeping Mac with you).
  • CMD + Option + R (Use this key combination if you are selling your Mac).
  • Step 3: Now, the MacBook Pro should boot up with a box with a couple of menus to choose from.

Note: In case your Mac gets a screen before Utilities to choose your language, select one and continue.

  • Step 4: At the point, you get the MacOS utility box, select and click on “Disk Utility” and hit “Continue”.
  • Step 5: On the disk utility, select “Macintosh HD” on the right-hand column.
  • Step 6: After that, in the top column, find and click on “Erase”- a pop-up box will show up to verify.
  • Step 7: You can see the very “Macintosh HD” and format to choose to reset. By default, “APFS” is selected on most MacBook Pro. If you don’t have APFS, use one that says, Mac OS Extended Journaled.
  • Step 8: Now, go ahead and click on “Erase”.
  • Step 9: A process will begin, and after it finishes, click on “Done”.

Way to Reinstall macOS

At this point, you should have your reset your MacBook Pro successfully. However, we have a job left- to reinstall macOS. Reinstalling will wipe all the data from the computer and give your MacBook Pro a fresh start.

  • If you are still on the Disk Utility screen, click on the cross mark to go back to macOS Utility.
  • Subsequently, select “Reinstall macOS” from the list and click on “continue”.
  • Further, click on, continue again.
  • Here, you will need to click on “Agree” after reading the documentation.
  • Now, on the very screen, select “Macintosh HD”, and then “Install”.
  • Continue the process while selecting language and fill all the account details.
  • Finally, hit continue to get back to your fresh MacBook Pro. The first bootup might take a couple of minutes, thus sit patiently until it finally lits up.

To conclude, when you are trading or giving your MacBook Pro, you need to make sure you protect the data and leave it a clean slate for the next owner. In this article, we have guided you through all the steps to ensure Mac is safely wiped before passing it on to others.