Time Machine, the application on Mac is very useful.

This is because it helps in creating a backup for the user dataMoreover, it also enables you to view selectively and then restore the data that you wantYou will even be able to restore single files.  Time Machine backs up all files automaticallyHere are the steps to restore files from Time Machine.

  1. Create a Backup by Time Machine

In order to create a backup with the app, Time Machine, the one thing that you require is the external storage device. When you are done connecting it to the storage device, make sure that you choose this as the backup device. Thereafter, Time Machine will automatically take backups every hour for 24 hours and daily backup for the last month. The oldest back up is going to be deleted as the disk fills up.

  1. Connecting the External Storage Device

You have to connect one of many external storage devices mentioned below which are sold separately.

  • An external drive attached to Mac like Thunderbolt, USB, or FireWire.
  • An external drive attached to Airport Time Capsulate or Extreme Base Station.
  • Time Machine Destination Shared by Mac.
  • Airport Time Capsule.
  • NAS or Network Attached Storage which supports Time Machine.
  1. Select the Storage Device as Your Backup Disk

When you connect the external device to Mac, you are going to be asked if you will be using the Mac for backing up with the Time Machine. For this, click on Encrypt Backup Disk and then on the Use Backup Disk.

In case Time Machine doesn’t ask for using your drive, follow the following steps

  • Open Time Machine and go to Preference from the menu bar.
  • Tap over Select Backup Disk or choose Disk or Remove or Add Backup Disk.
  • Choose your external drive from the disks that are mentioned on the list. Click on Encrypt Backup and then Use Disk.

In case the disk that you have chosen is not formatted as Time Machine usually require, you will have to delete the disk at first. This way you will be able to delete the information on the backup disk.

  1. Experience the Convenience of Automatic Backup

When you have chosen the backup disk, Time Machine will take periodic backups and you will not have to take action for that.  The first backup is going to take a long time on the basis of the number of files that is present on the device. The app will back up the files which have changed since the last backup. This way the process will be faster in the future.

However, if you want to start your file backup manually, you will have to go to Back Up now on the app of Time Machine menu bar. Then make use of the same menu for checking the backup status or even skipping the backup which is in progress. Now, that you know all about Time Machine and backup, it is going to be so much easier for you.

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