Scanning multiple documents into one single PDF file is a feature or option on your scanning software and equipment.

Here’s how you can do this depending on the app or software.

How to Scan Multiple Pages into One PDF on Windows

► Play
  • First, download and install PDFelement , a free software featuring tools for creating, editing, and converting files.
  • Launch the software on your computer. Once successfully launched, go to the HOME tab, then; look for the FROM SCANNER option to create the FROM SCANNER dialogue box.
  • Select the scanner that you want to use from the pop up options; adjust the settings. Select the COMBINE PDF option and SCAN to begin scanning the documents.

How to Scan Multiple Pages Into One PDF Using Automatic Document Feeder (ADF) for Windows

For Windows 7/Windows 2000

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  • First, configure the “SCAN TO” feature
  • Open the Control Center. Press START/WINDOWS then ALL, then PROGRAMS, then (BRAND name of the machine), then Control Center.

For Windows 8

► Play
  • From the START screen, click the ARROW UP or ARROW DOWN button, or on your screen hover your mouse on the empty part of the screen and right click your mouse; select ALL APPS.

For Windows 10

► Play
  • Click the START button, select ALL APPS, then the BRAND or NAME or MODEL of the machine
  • Click CONTROL CENTER. This feature will appear near the system clock, a blue squared labeled CC.
  • Double click the blue square to launch the program.

Then, proceed to these steps:

  • Select CONFIGURATION and then SCAN
  • Tick or select the appropriate scan that you need: file, image, email.
  • Once SCAN TO CONFIGURATION is available, options will pop up like SOFTWARE BUTTON and DEVICE BUTTON for Windows users.
  • The SOFTWARE BUTTON option configures the SCAN TO button within the CONTROL CENTER while the DEVICE BUTTON configures the SCAN TO key on the machine. So, just simply select which one you like to configure.
  • Once the FILE TYPE option is available, choose the one that allows multi-page documents.
  • Click OK.

How to activate the “SCAN TO” feature from Control Center:

  • First, prepare and place the documents to be scanned on AFF.
  • Follow the instructions on step 1 according to your computer’s Operating Systems.
  • Once the SCAN menu is available, left click the type of file you want to scan like email, image, or file.
  • It will then begin the process of scanning the documents in one single file.

How to activate the SCAN key on the machine (depends on the type and model of machine)

► Play
  • Prepare and place the documents on the Automatic Document Feeder (ADF)
  • Press the SCAN button on your machine.
  • Choose the type of scan you want to perform like image, file, email.
  • Once the appropriate option is selected, press OK.
  • Your machine will then start the scanning process.

How to Scan Multiple Pages into One PDF Using a Mobile App

► Play
  • Download and install your preferred scanning app from Google Play Store for Android users and Appstore for IOS. Pick a highly downloaded and highly rated app. And if possible an app that is for FREE if you do not scan documents all the time.
  • Launch the newly installed scanning app, and simply follow prompts.
  • Generally, scanning apps will just let you scan the documents through your mobile camera. Scanned documents will be automatically stored in your media folder. Continue to do so until all documents have been completely scanned.
  • Tap the thumbnail next to the RED or CAPTURE button after scanning all the documents to take you to the next step of the process.
  • Tap all the images that you will like to be converted into one PDF file.
  • Check the DOCUMENTS folder within the app to see your PDF docs.

Here’s another way on how to scan documents into one PDF file

► Play
  • Open or launch your scanning software program.
  • And then open ADOBE ACROBAT. Select FILE, then click CREATE PDF FROM SCANNER or in other versions the options to click should be DOCUMENT, then SCAN TO PDF.
  • Then on the drop down menu, select the name of your scanner.
  • Start scanning your first page into the computer. A prompt will be displayed on your screen once scanning is done to confirm your scan settings. Just press OK to continue.
  • Repeat the process for each document that you need to scan. Do not forget to save each page individually so it can be tracked and identified easily like file1, file2, and so on. You can create a dedicated folder for all the files too.
  • Once all documents are scanned, go back to your ACROBAT tab. Click the FILE tab, then select COMBINE FILES. Read the options carefully and select the one that allows you to combine all files into one PDF file.
  • Click ADD FILES, then access the folder where you saved the individual files. Click the correct folder name and select OK. Arrange the individual files in the correct order. On this part, you can also delete or remove unnecessary files.
  • Once everything is organized, click COMBINE FILES for all your scanned documents to be merged into one PDF file.

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