QR code, as in Quick Scan code, is similar to bar code. We are all familiar with the QR code; when we go to the grocery store and the cashier scan and other items, they pick QR code and make the monetary transaction quick and easy. QR codes are the Universal Product Code given to every product out there. Moreover, the QR code is a little bit more versatile than another system, and it can store any information you like. The most popular approach entitled with QR code is, it’s a way to display a website URL, to take something for further details.

The process to Scan QR Code in Android

QR code can store web URLs, emails, contact information, texts, and location. Using a Smartphone to scan through the QR code is the smartest way to use the scanning as it ought to work mobile. Since the scanning requires a proper scanning camera, most of the mobile phones do not have a QR code scanner application on their phone. Thus we are providing general tips and methods to scan QR code in Android phones.

Scan QR Code Using QR and Bar Code Scanner Application

The application, “QR and Bar Code Scanner,” is available free to download in the Google Play store. Follow the provided link to go to the form to download. Follow the steps below to begin.

  • First of all, you require is a proper internet connection, turn on your Wi-Fi or mobile data.
  • Go to the following link that redirects to the play store and download the application on your mobile phone.
  • Launch the app, and there you will witness a camera like an interface on your mobile screen. The camera is now ready to scan any QR code appropriately placed on its site.
  • Place the QR code in front of the Scanner camera.

Here two things are prone to occur.

  • First, as soon as you scan the code, a link will be generated on the screen, and you have to click on it manually. The link will redirect you to the web view of the exact web site.
  • Second, when the code is scanned, you are directly redirected to the website embedded with the system. You do not require any manual click in the process, and this works only if you have the proper setting for the task.

2 Ways to Scan QR code Using iOS Device

iOS devices are no wonder best optimized and performing smartphones and tablets. There are various approaches to scan the QR code using iOS devices. Below mentioned are two detail explained by comprehensive methods.

Scan QR Code Using Built-in Camera App

Apple iOS devices’ camera is capable of scanning QR codes on its own. The built-in feature on the iPhone camera works if you have iOS version 11 and higher. There is a bit of tweak to perform on the Camera setting for the scanner to work correctly, follow the guidelines given below.

  • Go to the “settings” interface on your iPhone or iPad.
  • On the settings, scroll down and search for “Camera Settings.”
  • On the given lists, ensure that “Scan QR codes” are checked.

Now you can scan and test your regular camera application as the QR code scanner. Place QR code in front of the camera application, a URL, or any sorts of information that will pop-up on the screen.

Tips: While placing the QR code, make sure you have set it in the center of the camera focus so that it can accurately detect the system.

Scan QR Code Using QR Code Reader and Scanner Application

QR Code Reader and Scanner application is a powerful scanner tool available readily to download and install from the Apple store. It is possible for all iOS versions on the iPhone and iPad. It is a highly rated and most preferred application by iOS users. Not only QR codes, but you can also scan for bar codes and get price details of any grocery products within a second. QR code Reader and Scanner is the fastest and safest way to study for QR code. Consider placing QR code at the mid-point of the camera lens so that the application will pick information correctly. The app is entirely free to download; it also comes in a paid version with additional features.

2 Method to Scan QR Code Using Computer

It is quite challenging to scan the QR code using a computer. Although, we are discussing the possible best ways to scan QR code using website and application tools available for PC.

Scan QR code using The-QR-Code-Generator

The comprehensive approach to scan QR code in the computer, either it’s Windows or Mac is to use The-QR-Code-Generator website. The website is freely available to use on every platform. The site offers scanning and generator of QR code as well.  To scan the generated QR code, click on the Scan tab on the left corner. You are then asked for permission to allow a web camera for the website. Click on “Allow” on the generated pop-up. Now place a QR code on the center of the camera focus. Information hidden on the QR code is created on the very website. The website is secure to use as it has proper privacy policy documentation and seems legit when tested by our testers.

Scan QR code using QuickMark Scanner in Windows

QuickMark Scanner is an application tool available free to download in Windows Operating System. QuickMark is available for Android, iOS devices, and browser extension as well. Download and install the application from the provided link. A similar scanner window will generate after launching the app. On the available QR code on your storage or web, drag and place the request on top of the QR code area. QuickMark will search for the information on the database and provide a quick response to the code.

Scan Wi-Fi password using QR Code

Most smartphones support Wi-Fi password share using QR code scanning. Perform the key sharing while following the below guidelines.

  • Open the “Wi-Fi settings” in the Smartphone, which has Wi-Fi connected to them.
  • On the very Wi-Fi network, you can see a write-up saying, “Tap to share a password,” tap on the area.
  • A QR code of the net will be generated, ready for sharing the password.
  • On the other Smartphone, open the QR Code scanner and place its camera focus on the QR code. Wi-Fi network password will be shared and connected on the other Smartphone.

Tips: In case you have no Wi-Fi sharing option for Wi-Fi networks, consider generating QR code for your system on your own, and you can share them with others. A recommended website to generate QR code is QiFI. They do not keep information on their logs; thus, they are worth trusting.