This guide is for Mac users to take screenshot. You will know about steps to take different kind of screenshot. We will also see an app for this purpose.

How to take screenshot on Mac air and Mac pro

This guide is about how to take whole screenshot.

  • From your keyboard press command + shift + 3. A camera shutter sound will play indicating that the screenshot is taken and saved.
  • You can access the captured screenshot as PNG file on your desktop. The file contains name format like “screen shot date and time”.

How to take selected screenshot on Mac

If you want to take screenshot of limited area of the screen on mac air and mac pro, follow these steps.

  • Press command + shift + 4 simultaneously.
  • You will have a rectangle selection on the screen with pixel coordinates on the bottom left.
  • Hold with the left click, and drag the rectangle to the portion of screen you want to capture.
  • Press ESC if you want to cancel the current selection and start a new one.
  • You file will be saved on desktop after taking shot.

How to take screenshot of a window on Mac

To take screenshot of a specific window, press the command + shift + 4 + spacebar.

Your mouse pointer will convert to a camera icon, place the camera icon on the window you want to capture. The selected window will be blue highlighted.

Note: you can use command + tab or F3 to navigate through windows and select the right one for the screenshot.

Left clicking on window will save PNG file on desktop.


  • To save the screenshot directly into the clipboard, press CTRL and use any of the commands described above.
  • To save screenshot in preview instead of saving to desktop, Open preview. Go to File->Screenshot and select its type.

Apps to take screenshot on Mac

There are many apps available for this purpose. Snappy, QuickTime, CloudApp, Skitch, Jing, Screenie and Monosnap are some best screenshot takers.

We are going here to talk about LightShot, a simple lightweight tool, that provide a selection border. Just crop the screen by dragging the border and save it locally or online (at

Each app has its own reason to become fine screenshot takers. CloudApp can also record real time screen video.

Useful tips and tricks for Mac users

Shut useless sounds

If you are at a place where there is no compromise over noise, you can mute the startup sound of your mac book by holding mute button on start up. Also, changing the volume of Mac produces sound effect, you can change volume silently by hold shift while changing volume.

Recording screen without software

If you have a YouTube channel that covers tutorial about mac OS, then you don’t need to find a third party software to record your screen for better understanding of your YouTube tutorials. Facetime comes with almost every iOS device has provided built in option for mac users to record whole screen or a portion of it.

To access screen record option on your mac, follow the steps below.

  • Go to File.
  • From menu list, select New Screen Recording

Not every Mac keyboard comes with delete key, so it is a kind of problem for those who has not delete key on their mac and they often used to type with it. But you need not to worry, where there is a will there is a way. Pressing CTRL + D can work for you.

How do you take a screenshot on a Mac and where it is saved?

To capture the entire screen, press Command-Shift-3. The screen shot will be automatically saved as a PNG file on your desktop with the filename starting with “Picture” followed by a number, example Picture 1, Picture 2, and so on. To copy the entire screen, press Command-Control-Shift-3.

How do I capture a screenshot on my computer?

With most Android devices, pressing the Power and Volume Down buttons together will take a screenshot of contents of the screen. The screenshot will then be saved into your Photos, ready to be sent to us.

How do you take a freehand screenshot on a Mac?

Command + Shift + 3: captures a screenshot of your entire screen. Command + Shift + 4: turns the cursor into a crosshair, allowing you to select which portion of your screen you would like to capture.

Why won’t My Mac Let me take a screenshot?

If the screenshot feature on your Mac isn’t working, shut down the Mac and turn it on again. Then take a screenshot according to your preferred method, whether that’s keyboard shortcuts or the Screenshot app. Check the screenshots keyboard shortcuts. To check this, go to System Preferences > Keyboard > Shortcuts.

How do you screenshot on a Mac 2021?

Take a screenshot on your Mac
  1. To take a screenshot, press and hold these three keys together: Shift, Command, and 3.
  2. If you see a thumbnail in the corner of your screen, click it to edit the screenshot. Or wait for the screenshot to save to your desktop.

Why is Screenshot not working?

Can’t take a screenshot on Android might be possible that you are not pressing the correct combination of keys for a screenshot. By default on Android, it’s the Power button + Volume Down button for screenshots simultaneously. Remember you need to press it together at once.

What happened to my screenshot button?

Android 11: Screenshots and power

The developers have stripped out the screenshot tool from the power button menu. You can no longer take a screenshot by holding down the power button; instead, you must access the open app list by swiping up from the home button.

How do I enable screenshots?

Step 1: Check your Android settings
  1. On your Android phone or tablet, open the Settings app .
  2. Tap Apps & notifications Advanced Default apps. Assist & voice input.
  3. Turn on Use screenshot.

Can’t take a screenshot due to security?

Cant take screenshot due to security policy” Message in Android
  1. Reason 1 – Chrome Incognito Mode. The Android OS now prevents screenshots from being taken while in Incognito Mode in the Chrome browser.
  2. Reason 2 – Policy set on Phone.
  3. Reason 3 – Policy set in App.