If you have wavy hair, you may find it difficult to style it. For many women with wavy hair, it can cause a lot of frustration. Wavy hair is neither straight nor curly. It is quite tricky to style wavy hair without making a mess.  Some women likewise don’t like the frizz while dealing with their wavy hairs.

Primarily, women deal with two types of issues, which are frizz and lack of hair definition. These two issues cause frustration and desperation for ladies and this is why they lose faith in styling and fashion. Don’t worry, we have got your back.

What is hair scrunching?

It is a simple method that women can use after taking a shower. This method allows you to add definition and volume to your hair. Hair scrunching is an easy method and works well on curly and wavy hair.

It reduces the frizz and adds some bounce to your hair. You may not know but even people with straight hair use this method to get rid of frizz. For example, if you have straight hair and you scrunch it, you will have a lot of texture and beautiful looking waves. Let us tell you the two different techniques for scrunching your hair.

How to scrunch your hair with clips?

We are not saying that wavy hair looks bad. This type of hair looks good on some women. However, with others, the curl pattern affects the overall facial look and personality. Scrunching your hair with clips is the first technique that we are going to explain. This technique uses clips, which are a perfect thing to do at night time.

When you wake up, you will have perfectly coiffed hair. The technique is good for curly, straight, and wavy hair. Before performing this procedure, you need a smoothening serum, light-hold hairspray, sectioning clips, microfiber towel, and a wide-toothed comb.

A Step-by-step Guide

Here is a step by step guide to scrunch your hair with clips.

1. Wash your hair

The first step is to wash your hair with a good natural shampoo. You need to leave the shampoo at least two minutes on your hair so that all the dirt goes away.

2. Dry your hair

47141949 – women dry the hair with a dryer

Use a microfiber towel to dry your hair. It is important to squeeze out the excess water. Perform a gentle squeezing motion so that your hair is halfway damp and dry. Just make sure your hair is not completely wet.

3.  Detangle your hair

In this step, you need to remove all the tangles and knots from your hair. Make sure you use a comb with wide teeth to help remove the tangles from your hair. Everything must go smoothly.

4. Section your hair

You need to pick up your hair sections and then roll them up in buns. After making the bun, use sectioning clips to pin your hair sections to your head. Continue doing this until you complete rolling up in buns and pinning your hair.

It is important to know that the size of the buns can vary depending on the type of hairstyle you want. If you want to make looser waves, you need to make bigger buns. On the other hand, if you want tighter curls, you need to make smaller buns.

5. Use hairspray

The next step is to spritz on light-hold hairspray after putting your buns in place. The hairspray is important to set the wave pattern and give your hair more definition. Make sure you leave the buns on your hair until they are completely dry.

6. Remove the buns

Once you feel the hair is dry, you can undo the clips. The next step is to unfurl your hair gently to reveal the style or scrunch. Flip your head a bit forward after all the clips are out. Then, scrunch it gently with your hands to give it more bounce and texture.

7. Apply smoothening serum

In this step, you need to apply some serum on your hair. This allows you to tame down any fly-away and remove the frizz.

How to scrunch your hair with a towel?

Hair scrunching with a towel is a simple method that gives you quick results. This is one of the easiest methods to scrunch your hair and allows you to avoid expensive styling tools and products. This hair scrunching method involves the use of a towel and uses a bit of mousse to give your bouncy waves. The technique, however, is good for wavy hair.

The things you need for scrunching your hair this way are a conditioner, shampoo, wide-toothed comb, and mousse, and microfiber towel, and smoothening serum.

A step-by-step procedure

Here are the steps that you need to follow to scrunch your hair with a towel.

1. Condition your hair

The first step needed in this method is to wash your hair. You can use a shampoo to prevent your hair from looking dull and limp. After washing your hair with a shampoo, the next step is to condition your hair and leave it for a few minutes.

2. Detangle your hair

After washing your hair, many women comb or brush their hair, which can cause hair breakage or hair fall. Therefore, the best way to avoid hair fall is to use a comb that has wide teeth. You can use a wide-toothed comb to remove all the tangles and knots in your hair.

3. Apply the Mousse and start scrunching

The next step is to squeeze out the excess water using a towel and then applying a small amount of mousse on your hair. Once done, you need to start scrunching your hair with the towel. Because your hair sops wet, you can start scrunching it with a microfiber towel so that it soaks all the excessive water. Make sure your hair is dry completely.

After drying your hair, ditch the microfiber towel and continuing scrunching your hair with hands. It is important to pick up small sections while you work on the front hair sections. Then, scrunch them up following an accordion pattern to have defined and precise waves that accurately frame your face.

4. Apply smoothening serum

The last requires you to apply a quarter-sized serum on your palms, rub it, and then apply it on your hair. This will give your hair a little shine and keep it moisturizing.

Wrapping up, these are the two methods you can use to scrunch your hair easily. There are many other methods you can use but these are the most convenient and enables you to avoid going to beauty parlors and salons.

How do you scrunch your hair perfectly?

Can you scrunch straight hair?

If you have naturally straight hair, you may feel as though you‘re at a loss when it comes to scrunching your hair. The fact of the matter is, scrunching is totally doable on straight hair. In fact, it’s a great way to give straight strands more definition.

What is the best product to use to scrunch your hair?

Wash your hair with a good shampoo. Then condition. Choose a mild hold hairspray, and a good scrunch spray like Aussie in the purple plastic bottle, or Herbal Essences Totally Twisted Curl Scrunching Gel (both mentioned above).

How do you scrunch your hair to make it curly?

Blow dry your hair while scrunching it: Flip your head forward until your hair is falling in front of you and place the diffuser at the ends of a section of your hair. Now, push your hair up towards your scalp with the blow dryer, followed by immediately scrunching it up with your hands.

Will scrunching straight hair make it curly?

Does scrunching create curls in straight hair? Scrunching straight hair doesn’t create waves. Scrunching helps curls to clump and spring up, only. If scrunching created waves or curls then anyone who scrunched their hair would get the same results.

Is scrunching hair bad?

Scrunching does not damage your hair, especially the most common methods of doing this. If you use a hairdryer, it may dry out the hair and cause damage. But using your hands, a towel, some clips, and a little gel will not harm your hair while still giving you the natural curls and waves you want.

Does touching hair make it thinner?

4. Over Grooming: Touching and pulling your chronically can certainly cause significant hair loss and combing through it while it is wet is also a bad idea as it might lead to weak and brittle hair. A build up of hair styling products, such as gel, wax, spray, can block the pores and hinder hair growth. 5.

Does scrunching hair causes frizz?

However a lot of the frizz can be controlled when your hair is still wet, and when you’re applying your styling products. Today, I’m sharing some tips and techniques for when you’re scrunching your curls, so that you can still get great definition but not cause frizz.

Is playing with hair bad?

The habit of twirling your hair can simply be a nervous habit, but there are times that it can be a sign of an underlying health condition. Twirling your hair can also hurt your hair, resulting in knots, split ends, and hair breakage.

Why does playing with hair feel so good?

Many would agree it’s a wonderful sensation, but why does having your hair played with or getting your head massaged feel as good as it does? Williams confirmed it does in fact reduce stress since humans are social beings and are wired to feel “pleasure through physical intimacy with one another by touch,” she says.

Is playing with hair flirting?

Playing with hair.

When a woman plays with or twirls her hair around her finger, that can be a sign of flirtation, especially when showing the inside of her wrist. According to Cobb, women will generally pull a strand from the back or side of their head when flirting.

What does it mean when a girl lets her hair down in front of you?

she take her hair down because she look better with her hair tied down. So she most likely thought you were cute and wanted to get your attention. A Lot of girls do this. Also when her hair’s down and she tie it up, either It’s too hot or her hairs are messy and she don’t want the guy to see her like that.

Does a girl like you if she lets you touch her?

Touch is one of the biggest mutual attraction signs going. If you touch her, you‘re showing interest. If she likes being touched by you, she’s attracted to you. If you touch her on the hands, the arms or her upper back and she seems to like it, that’s a clear sign of attraction.