In this guide, you will learn how to select multiple and all files in Mac. Learning the keyboard shortcuts and their functions is very important and helpful especially for the writers. Follow the instructions below.

  1. Select all Text in Mac
  • Open the text file containing some text.
  • Click on Edit from the menu bar located at the top of the text editor.
  • A drop-down menu list will open, click on Select all.
  • Done! All the text in the file will be selected and highlighted.
  1. Select all in Mac Keyboard Shortcut
  • Open the text file containing some text or open the directory containing multiple files.
  • From keyboard, press Command + A button at the same time.
  • If the file contains text, all of it will be selected and if the directory contains multiple files, they will be selected.
  1. How to Select all in Mac with Mouse
  • Open the text file having some content in it.
  • Keeping the mouse right button clicked, drag the mouse over all the text.
  • The text which comes under the drag of the mouse will be selected.
  1. How to copy all in Mac

Similar to select all, copy all is also very simple and easy to understand in Mac. Just perform the quick steps below.

  • Open the directory/file.
  • Press Command + A at the same time. It will select all the contents of the directory/file.
  • Now, press Command + C at the same time.
  • To paste the copied contents, press Command + V at the same time.
  1. How to select multiple files in Mac

Selecting multiple files means to select more than one files in a non continuous manner or to select random files located at a certain place.

  • To select random files, press and hold Command button.
  • Select the files by clicking right mouse button on them.
  • Release the button and perform the required action on the selected files.
  1. How to Select contiguous files in Mac

Follow the steps below in order to select multiple contiguous files.

  • Start by selecting the first file.
  • Press Shift button from the keyboard and hold it.
  • Click the file to which you want to make selection of the contiguous files.
  • The range you specified by selecting the first and last files in step 1 and 3, will be highlighted and selected.
  1. 10 Useful Mac Keyboard Shortcuts

In this section, we would like to describe some important and daily using keyboard shortcuts for Mac.

Command + C – This combination of keys is used to Copy any file, folder, or text in Mac. If the copy command is used multiple times then the last copied item will remain in the clipboard for pasting.

Command + V – It is used to paste the copied content.

Command + M – It is used to minimize the window of an App to the Dock which is in front. To minimize all the windows related to the app, press Command + Option + M.

Command + Z – This command is very useful and important in Mac, because it saves a lot of time by reversing the changings made in the content. For example, using this command in the text editor will undo the changings made in it. Similarly, for the actions like delete/copy/paste undo will revert their effect.

Command + Y – It is used to Redo the changings.

Command + Shift + A – This keyboard shortcut is also very useful as it opens the Application folder when you are at Desktop or Finder. Replace “A” in the above command by “U” to open the utilities folder, by “D” to open Desktop, by “I” to access iCloud and by “H” to navigate to Home directory.  

Command + L – This keyboard shortcut will open Safari browser and select the address bar, allowing you to enter the address or website URL quickly.

Command + Option + D – This keyboard shortcut will hide the Dock within most apps.

Command + Tab – It is used to switch between the apps. Press both keys at the same time and use Tab button to select the window to come in front.

Command + Space – It invokes the spotlight to search your query.

  1. Enable auto Shutdown in Mac

Enable auto shutdown in mac to save energy or it can be done for any other specific task. Follow the steps below to schedule auto shutdown in Mac.

  • Click on Apple icon located at the top left corner of the screen.
  • Click on System Preferences.
  • Click on Energy Saver.
  • Click on schedule located at the bottom right corner of the screen.
  • Now set the settings according to your need. For example, if you want to shutdown Mac every day at 12:00 AM, select Shutdown option and set time for it.
  • Click Ok.

Now everyday if the Mac is turned on and the time becomes 12:00 AM the Mac will shut down automatically.

  1. How to change keyboard language in Mac
  • Click on Apple icon located at the top left corner of the screen.
  • Click on System Preferences.
  • Click on Keyboard.
  • Click on Input Sources tab from the top bar.
  • Now, click on “+” icon located at the bottom left corner of the screen.
  • List of all the available languages will appear, just select the language and click on Add.
  • Mark the option saying “Show input menu in the menu bar
  • A flag icon will appear in the menu bar, click on it and you will be able to switch between the keyboard languages.
  1. How to show Hidden files in Mac

Hidden files can be shown and hided through a simple keyboard shortcut in Mac. If you want to show the hidden files, first, navigate to the folder or location containing hidden files. Now, press Command + Shift + Period (>) buttons at the same time.

To again hide the files, repeat the same procedure.

How do you select all files on a Mac?

You can use Command+A to select all, or a Shift+Click to select a large group of files, then use Command+Click to deselect the ones you don’t want included in the group.

How do you do multiple selections on a Mac?

Select multiple items: Press and hold the Command key, then click the items (they don’t need to be next to each other). Select multiple items that are adjacent: Click the first item, then press the Shift key and click the last item. All items in between are included in the selection.

How do you drag and select on a Mac?

On your Mac, select an item you want to drag—such as an image or block of text. Press and hold the trackpad or mouse while you drag the item to a new location. To copy the item, press and hold the Option key while you drag. Release the trackpad or mouse to drop the item in the new location.

Why can’t I drag and drop Mac?

Check Your Trackpad Settings

Regardless, if your trackpad in particular seems to cause drag and drop not to work on your Mac, check its sensitivity and other settings, taking them back to default or more sensible levels if something seems out of whack. Just hold command+space to launch Spotlight Search.

How do you shift select on a Mac?

The Shift key lets you select a group of items that are contiguous, or next to each other in the list. Single-click on the first item you want to select in a list. Then hold down the Shift key and click on the last item you want in the list. Everything between the two clicks will be selected.

What is the shortcut to select all on a Mac?

Command-A: Select All items. Command-F: Find items in a document or open a Find window. Command-G: Find Again: Find the next occurrence of the item previously found. To find the previous occurrence, press Shift-Command-G.

How do I select top to bottom on Mac?

To scroll to the top of a page: Hold Command and press the Up Arrow. Or, if your keyboard has one, press the Home button. To scroll to the bottom of a page: Hold Command and press the Down Arrow.

How do I control select all?

Select all of the text in your document or on your screen by holding down the “Ctrl” key and pressing the letter “A”. 18 Tech Support Reps Are Online! Microsoft Answers Today: 65. Remember the “Select All” shortcut (“Ctrl+A”) by associating the letter “A” with the word “All“.

What is Select All button?

Select all is selecting all text, files, or other objects currently listed or displayed. In most programs, pressing Ctrl + A selects (highlights) everything in the current window. For example, while in Microsoft Word, if you press the Ctrl + A shortcut keys, all text in the document is selected.

How do I select all in a list?

To select all items in a list, hold down the Control (Ctrl) key on your keyboard and then hold down the “A” key.

How do I select all files?

To select everything in the current folder, press Ctrl-A. To select a contiguous block of files, click the first file in the block. Then hold down the Shift key as you click the last file in the block.

How do I select all to copy?

In order to select everything in the current window use menu “Edit”->”Select All” (Ctrl-A). To copy to the clipboard you must press the “Copy“-button (Ctrl-C or Ctrl-Insert).

How do you select all on Mac word?

If you want to select all available objects in your current Word document, press “Command-A.” You can also select all objects using the Edit menu. Click “Edit” on the main menu and choose “Select All.”

How do you select multiple files at once?

How to select multiple files that are not grouped together: Click on the first file, and then press and hold the Ctrl key. While holding down the Ctrl key, click on each of the other files you want to select. You can also simply select multiple pictures by selecting them with your mouse cursor.

How do you select multiple photos on a Macbook?

To select a group of photos located next to one another, click the first photo, then hold down the Shift key while you click the last photo. To select multiple photos that are not adjacent to one another, hold down the Command key as you click each photo.

How do you select multiple files to delete?

To delete multiple files and/or folders: Select the items you’d like to delete by pressing and holding the Shift or Command key and clicking next to each file/folder name. Press Shift to select everything between the first and last item. Press Command to select multiple items individually.

How do you select multiple files grouped together?

Click the first file or folder, and then press and hold the Ctrl key. While holding Ctrl , click each of the other files or folders you want to select.

How do you select multiple items on a laptop?

To select multiple files on Windows 10 from a folder, use the Shift key and select the first and last file at the ends of the entire range you want to select. To select multiple files on Windows 10 from your desktop, hold down the Ctrl key as you click on each file until all are selected.