eBay is the best place to sell your stuff over the internet. It had been launched two decades ago and is still going strong. You can use it to sell and buy anything you want. You do not need an investment or inventory for selling product. All you need is a laptop with internet connection. Check out the simple steps to sell on eBay.

  1. Select the Marketplace

Consider if you would like to use international or global marketplace. ebay.co.uk has payments made with UK pounds while ebay.com has payments made with USD.  While you consider this, you should not forget that it is necessary to cover the shipping fees, too. Hence, it is better to start selling locally.

  1. Set up the Business Account

The next step to start selling stuff on eBay is get creative and fix a catchy but easy to remember the business name. Make sure that you include the email id, address, and the phone number. Thereafter, add the PayPal account where you are going to receive your payment.

  1. Get Verified

In order to set up a business account, you have completed the eBay ID verification process for passing through the various restrictions that have been imposed on the new sellers.

  1. Set up the Store Page

Keep in mind that the competition is pretty tough and you will have to set yourself apart from your competitors so that your goods are purchased. With eBay, you will be able to sell things as an individual seller. In fact, you can also make a personified storefront. In case you have many goods to dispatch, you should go for the latter option. This way you will be able to get loads of business done at once.

  1. Optimize the Product Titles

You will have to explain why you want to sell the product in around eighty words. Make sure that the title of the product it contains 2-3 relevant keywords. This will make it rank higher in the search engine result. While considering a title, think like a person who will search for your item. You can use capital letters to grab the attention of the users. Play with the keywords but them later for better performance. For example, if you sell jewelry, you can seasonal keywords like a ring for Christmas or pendant for Valentine’s Day. In case your product has a unique feature, don’t forget to mention it in the title.

  1. Optimize Product Description

It is best to give a description of 200 words for each of your item that is on sale. Keep the important keywords at the beginning and the end of the description. Make sure that you fill out every field in the listing and the text description should provide enough information to the buyer. It is necessary to include every tiny detail because the customer would research well before investing money. Style the headlines of the text and use bold fonts for attracting the buyers. Keep in mind that you will have to list all product specification.

  1. Choose the Right Listing Category

Give an extra fee and choose the listing of the product in several categories. This way you are likely to sell the product more easily. However, make sure that the listing category is related to the product.

  1. Add Good Photos

The image is imperative to making a sell. If you add a blurry or dark photo, it will not increase your sale. Click good quality photos and upload them in the site. If necessary, edit it using an editor.

  1. Put in the Price

Do research and find out the prices of similar products. Check at least 5 best e-commerce sites for this. Calculate the eBay seller fees along with the shipping cost before you put in the price of the product. You can offer free shipping to some selected areas and add extra fees for those who are stationed outside the area. Also, there are two price models to choose from, the fixed price model and the product auction. Fixed prices are great if you have to sell multiple numbers of the same product. However, the auction will bring you more income.

  1. Outline Terms and Conditions, Warranty and Shipping Policy

You will be successful on eBay based on the customer reviews. If you have to avoid negative feedback, list the products clearly. Include the terms and conditions, shipping policy, and the warranty of the product.

  1.  Make a Listing Schedule

When you run action, choose the best time to start and end the auction for each of your product. With time, you will come to know the time when your products sell more. Thus, maintain a listing schedule. Double check every detail and press on the publish button. Now, you are ready to make money.