There are several benefits that Chrome provides as a web browser. No matter what OS your computer is running on, there would be a version that you can find of Google Chrome. If you do not have Google Chrome on your system, here are the steps to follow.

  1. Find Reliable Download Source for Google Chrome

Google Chrome can be found for download at different sites. Ensure that you seek out the right version that would be compatible with your OS. Once the right download site is found, ensure that the link would be a reliable one and free from malware.

  1. Install Google Chrome

Once it is downloaded onto your system, click on the installer file. This can be found on the Downloads section or folder of your system. When you run the installer you would be notified of the different terms and conditions that exist and that you need to agree on before the installation can be completed.

  1. Open Google Chrome

Once the installation is completed the icon of Chrome would appear on your desktop or on the bottom bar. Here one can click to open the browser.

  1. Set it as Default

Once Google Chrome is launched on your OS, the following steps can help to make it the default browser on your OS.

  • On the main browser page visit the three dots on the top right-hand corner.
  • Here you will find a drop-down list which includes an option for setting Default Browser.
  • In this section simply click to okay Chrome to be set as a default browser.

Alternately, when you open Chrome for the first time on your OS it would prompt you to set it up as your default browser platform.

The above steps will help to set Chrome as a default browser for your OS.