The Bluetooth is a wireless technology, solely designed to enable connections and local networks in a secured manner.

Setting up a cell phone to car Bluetooth is called pairingBy pairing your cell phone with your car Bluetooth, you can able to listen to songs and make hands free calls with all easeIf you do have these things, then you can set up a cell phone to car Bluetooth with the assistance of the following points.

  1. Initiate Pairing on Your Car’s Audio System

To set up a cell phone to car Bluetooth, you just need to have a Bluetooth enabled car audio system and a Bluetooth enabled mobile phone. As you all know that, the audio system of the car will vary from one car to another car according to its make, model and dashboard design.

  • You need to, first of all, begin the pairing process on your car’s audio system. At times, the pairing of the car’s audio system lumps with the hands-free calling system.
  • To pair with your car’s audio system, you will be asked a few questions. You need to answer all such questions.
  • Once finished answering all such questions, you can prompt to complete the pairing process successfully on your handset.
  1. Open the Settings Menu on Your Phone

You need to initiate certain settings on your phone to enable the pairing process on your mobile phone.

  • As you all know, you can find a separate settings icon on your phone.
  • You need to just tap into the icon to get inside the settings icon.
  • Inside the settings icons, you can able to address many settings options such as sound and display, privacy, application, location and security and more. Among that, you need to choose the “wireless and networks” option.
  1. Initiate the Bluetooth Settings

Once, after choosing the wireless and network option on your mobile phone, you need to turn on your Bluetooth connection.

  • You can find the Bluetooth option on the settings of your phone and make sure to turn on your Bluetooth connection.
  • Next, to Bluetooth connection, you need to tap the Bluetooth settings submenu.
  • When you select the Bluetooth settings submenu, you can find the list of Bluetooth devices that are available.
  • You just need to locate your car’s audio system in the list of the Bluetooth devices found and select it.
  1. Enter your PIN Number or Password to Initiate the Connection

Not everyone would have set up a password to their Bluetooth pairing. But, it is the safest option to set up the password to secure your Bluetooth connection.

  • Once you have chosen your car’s stereo in the Bluetooth device, you can get a box to key in your pin code or password.
  • You need to just enter your password on the box and click “ok”.
  • Now, the process is completed.
  1. Enable the Media

At times, the media will be enabled automatically once you have paired your cell phone to your car Bluetooth. If not, you need to manually enable the media connection.

  • After entering the password and clicking OK button, the entry on the Bluetooth device should prompt “connected to phone and media audio”.
  • If you could not find anything like that, then you need to tap and hold onto your car audio system’s name until you get the menu. Once you get the menu, and then choose the options manually to enable the audio streaming by examining the box net to media.
  • The options such as connection, phone, and all media should show a green tick mark.
  1. Enjoy Your Music

Once the media is enabled, you can able to explore all such songs, media files and more on your car’s audio system.

  • All you need to do is to play the songs, which you want to hear.
  • You can enjoy both the songs and as well as you can experience wireless radio service all the way through your Bluetooth.
  1. Make Hands Free Calls

Apart from enjoying the songs, you can able to make calls and receive calls to your Bluetooth and you can attend all such calls in your hands-free device.

  • You can place calls with the assistance of your car’s touch screen.
  • Certain cars get hold of a single button to enable the voice control functionality of the car’s stereo. The same button can use to make calls, control the radio, set navigation waypoints and other things.

Some cars have various buttons to enable voice commands on external devices.

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