Chess is, without a doubt, one of the most fascinating strategy games.

If you are a fan of this game and want to learn how to set up a chessboard, then you are in the right place.

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We will teach you how you can set up your chessboard from the starting position. At the same time, we will tell you about the rules that you can follow or implement to set up the board and play the game easily. Let’s start the step-by-step process.

1. Position the Chess Board Correctly

You can’t set up your chessboard if you haven’t positioned it correctly. Usually, the chessboard has numbers and letters, so you need to sit on the edge that has letters. Keep in mind that the bottom-righter corner of the chessboard is a light-colored square.

2. Place the rooks in the corners

In the majority of chessboard designs, the rooks have the appearance of little towers. This style is admired by most chess players. So, first, you need to take these pieces and then place them in the corners. Make sure you place them in a fortified style. Focus on the coordinates of the chessboard and place the rooks in a1, a8, h1, and h8 squares.

3. Place the knights next to the rooks

After you have placed the rooks in the corners of the board, the next thing is to pick all the knights pieces and then place them in line beside the rooks. Usually, knights in the game of chess look like horses. This type of piece depicts the real knight as on the battlefield.

Anyway, keep in mind that the knights are there to protect the towers (rooks) of your castle. Make sure you move the knights in the “L” shape. Moreover, you can place 3 pawns around the knights. The knights are likewise useful when you start the game – because they can hop over other pieces.

4. Place the Bishop Pieces

Next to knights, you need to place the third type of pieces – i.e. the bishops. You must inline them on the back row while setting up your chessboard. These pieces can move diagonally any number when there are unblocked squares. The name “bishop” helps remember their position.

A religious figure represents the coronation of a real-life ruler –i.e. the king or the queen. The bishop is the one who crowns the king or queen to lead the monarch. Similarly, in the game of chess, one bishop is equal to three pawns.

You can play with bishops at the start of the game because they are active. However, when it comes to survival, you need to play with them carefully because they are worth more in the late game.

5. Place the queen on the board

After you have successfully positioned the bishops on your chessboard, the next step is to place the queen on the square of her own color. There is two square left on the board’s first row. You need to place the queen on the color square, which matches the representing player.

For example, if you are playing the black pieces, you need to place your black queen on the black square. Likewise, your competitor will place his or her white queen on the white square.

If you have any confusion, let us give you an incredible tip. Do you know that queens are conscious of their outfit? Yes, they are. So, they are regal and naturally want their clothing to match their shoes.

So, you can move the queens any unblocked squares in a diagonal, horizontal, and vertical position. This way, you can combine the powers of both the bishop and the rook. The interesting thing is that in the game of chess, the queen is equal to nine pawns.

6. Place the King on the last remaining square

Now that you have placed all other pieces on the chessboard, it is time to place the king on the remaining one square box that is on the first row. You can put the king in that square box. Remember, the king pieces that you have placed on the board can move in any direction but one square.

The primary goal of this incredible chess game is to “checkmate” the king piece of your competitor and keep your own king safe from the attack of the opponent player. This means that the king is the most important piece on the board. Keep in mind that the king is not the strongest piece though. It is mandatory to save the king.

7. Position all the pawns on the board

You have 8 pawns of both white and black colors in the chess set. Although pawns are not valuable pieces on the board, yet, they play a good role in protecting your queen and king.

You should fill every square on the second row of the board with pawns. This goes for both white and black pawns. This is the final step of setting up the chessboard.

Wrapping up, even if you are a beginner, you can set up the chessboard easily following the above-mentioned steps.

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