In this guide you will learn about the beginner’s guide to start streaming on twitch so let’s start with the basics first.

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Twitch Account

So, this is obvious step that you need a twitch account before starting. Try to make as many friends as you can because, this will help you out later.

Open Broadcast Software (OBS)

Open broadcaster software. OBS is very basic software for the beginners to start streaming on twitch. It is very useful for those having low end PCs. So, follow the instructions below to work with OBS.

  • Download and install OBS software air you can download it from the this link.
  • Now, right click on it and run it as administrator, so that it automatically sync games on your PC.
  • Go to settings.
  • Go to stream and select twitch as service.
  • Open your twitch account in your browser and go to your dashboard and then go to settings select stream key and click on show key.
  • Now turn back to OBS software and paste the stream key into the field asking for it.

Now you have successfully Set up basic tools to start the streaming.

Content to Stream

When your twitch account and OBS are ready, definitely, you will need something to stream on twitch. It may be any game, it may be any tutorial, it may be yourself in front of camera, or it may be your desktop screen to stream.

Stream Games on Twitch

If you want to stream games or any applications, you can follow the same instructions for streaming everything.

  • Open OBS software and go to sources panel.
  • Click on the plus button.
  • Select game capture option and type the name of the game you want to stream.
  • In the create new section you can also write the name of the application instead of game.
  • Now, open the game or application and select capture specific window.
  • Press ok.
  • In the dropdown select your application or game and press ok.

Stream desktop screen

If you want to stream the whole screen of your desktop follow the instructions below.

  • Select the desktop capture option in OBS software.
  • Here, give a name to it.
  • Press ok.
  • Now everything on your PC screen will be live on twitch.

Live stream your Camera on Twitch

It is very good practice to show yourself while streaming on twitch. Because, in this way you look more attractive to the viewers. So, follow the steps below to live your camera stream on twitch.

  • Select video capture as your source.
  • Give it a title name such as camera.
  • Press ok.
  • You are done.
  • you may also need to add microphone as audio source in the settings.

OBS settings to Stream Better

Now, you must follow the settings below to enhance your twitch streaming experience. Also, these settings will help you if you have a low-end PC. These settings will help you out to manage the resources of your computer effectively.

  • Open OBS software.
  • Select the preferences option.
  • Click the output option.
  • Set video bitrate to 3500.
  • Make sure that the encoder should be MI software X2 64.

Set the audio bitrate to 160

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Set bicubic downscaling to 60fps and output resolution 1280 X 720.

It is also recommended to add overlays to your sitting because they at add extra information on the screen ultimately the view was will not get bored


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Snip is a service for twitch users by which they can listen to songs during the streaming you can visit its website from this link.

This also ads text and images layout of the song playing in the background.

  • Download the snap application and expand it click on application names snip.
  • Right click on snap from your taskbar you can select your service from here.
  • Play any music and snap will automatically generate two files one is for the images called snip artwork.JPG and other for the texts called snip.txt.
  • Now inside OBS software create a new text source and select the file made by the snip if you want to show thumbnail also then add image as a source and select the JPG file created by Snape.

Let your bots chat with followers

This is very interesting to hear that chatbots will talk with your followers. Sometimes you never want to switch to chat screen and then again switch back to your streaming screen. So, in this case chat bots are helpful for you. Chaty is the chat boat which is going to be part of this guide. You can access it from the this link. You need to login to your twitch account in this app.

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