Facebook is known to be a favored social media channel for many. Most people use it for individual or personal posts they wish to share with their friends, family members, and other acquaintances while businesses also use this forum to extend information about their brands, products, and offerings. Here are a few steps to follow when you wish to share a post on Facebook:

  1. News Feed Sharing

There are multiple options when it comes to Facebook posts to be shared that are seen in the News Feed section. It can be a post that is shared directly from this section. In case a subscriber has opened Facebook on their web browser they can tap on “Share” option and thereby opt among the different sharing alternatives provided. A post can be put upon one’s own timeline by clicking on “Share Now”.

  1. Add Comments and Share a Post

Often a person would like to add their comments to a post before they share it. In order to do so, one needs to click on the option “Write Post”. Besides being able to write in your comments you can also use the option “Tap to Change”. This helps to change where you wish to share the post; it could be the New Feed section of your page or another page or on a group site. You also can make changes to the privacy setting of a post before you share it. Other information can also be added such as “activity” and check in information regarding one’s location.

  1. Sharing a Post in a Group or as a Private Message

Facebook has Messenger as an option through which a person can share posts in private or to a group. Facebook Messenger comes as an app that can be used on the web browser as well as on your mobile device. Before posting a message on Messenger you need to add contacts to which you wish to share a post or message with. Recipients can be added from Groups or Recent list.

  1. Posting on a Facebook Page

When you wish to share a post to a page tap on the option “Share a Page”. Tap on the option “Tap to change” and it provides the option to select a Facebook page where you wish to share the post.