No doubt, Android is the most powerful and popular operating system in the present collection of Smartphones. Every phone users tend to be using an Android phone. With time, the users keep on increasing. Thus, for the Android users, Google is an integral part of the phone. It is necessary to download and install interesting and new apps in the device. In order to access the Google play store, you will have to sign into your Google account from your phone. It is only then that you will be able to install these apps on the phone and use them. However, there are many people who come across one problem and that is that they are unable to sign out from play store on the Android device. You should know that this issue has bothered many people. This is exactly the reason we have discussed the different ways to sign out of the Google Play Store. Here are three methods through which you can log out of Google Play. Follow the given instructions carefully.

Method One: Use Android Setting to Sign Out

Generally, you will not find any specific instruction to sign out of Google Play Store when you are using it on Android. However, with the help of this method, you will be able to do so. All you have to do is remove the existing account from Google Play. Given below are the steps to do it.

  • Go to settings of your Android device. Now, navigate to the icon that says Accounts and Sync. Simply tap on the account that you would like to remove.
  • As you tap on the Google account, you will come across a screen that says Data and Synchronization. At the right top corner of your device, you will find a drop-down button like it is shown in the picture. Tap on this to choose and remove your account.

Keep in mind that after you have removed the account, you will not be able to sign into your Google account from the device. However, if you have to log into the account for downloading an app, all you have to do is sign in.

Method Two: Use the Android App

There are some Android apps which will help you to log out of your Google account in the Android device. All you have to do it download the app to use it. Given below are the instructions to install and use it to remove your Google account.

  • Find out on the internet which apps can serve your purpose. Now visit the app and install it on your device.
  • After you have installed it, open the app and click on the option that says log out of all accounts. With this, the app will sign you out of all accounts on the Android device.

Method 3: Use Factory Reset

In case the above two options don’t work, the last option you have in hand is to do a factory reset of your tablet or phone. However, when you do this, you need to keep in mind that factory resetting is going to remove all data from the phone, so back up the device before you reset. Here’s how you can do it.

Open Android setting by tapping on the settings icon. Now scroll down and tap on the option that says system. At the bottom of the page, you will find the reset option. As you tap on it, you will find the option erase all data or factory reset. It is on the top of the page and at the bottom there the reset phone option. Enter your password and reset your phone.