If you want to set up Google Voice here is how to do it.

A Google Voice smart mobile number works on phone as well on web for making and receiving phone calls.

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  1. ‘Sign-Up’ for Google Voice Number

First things you would like to know here is the whole idea behind Google Voice and now a member of G Suite features that Google offers. You can set it up on your mobile devices as well as on desktops because you can make and receive calls from anywhere and vice versa. It currently supports Android, computer, and iPad/iPhone. 

  • Here is an article explaining briefly how to set up Google Voice on your devices.
  • The best feature for which one would need this service is to be able to make and receive phone calls using the same number on their phones and their computers. For this purpose, you should see how to set it up on your desktop.
  • This is a simple process which will require you to first have a Google Account, choose an area or city, and then you can select your number and complete the setup.
  1. ‘Sign-Up’ for Google Voice without a Phone

You need to go to voice.google.com/about to begin the setup process, regardless of your end-device usage. As you can find there, you can do this for personal use or business use, and you can create your Google Account. 

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  • Previously when using Google Voice on a phone without any cellular service, you couldn’t make outgoing calls. But, with the latest update, you could use your phone’s call app to make calls, and decide which number to use each time.
  • There is this (https://support.google.com/voice/forum/AAAAjq5-_rMqNFRuFCXHPY/?hl=en&gpf=d/topic/voice/qNFRuFCXHPY) article from Google Support from long ago that talked about this matter.
  • This is possible, even without cellular service, because of VoIP, that is, voice over internet protocol which allows you to make calls using the data services or internet, and not the cellular method.
  • On Android, after you install Google Voice, you have to change the settings to this ‘Make and receive calls, and select prefer ‘Wi-Fi’ and ‘Mobile Data’ during the setup.
  1. ‘Sign-Up’ for Google Voice Outside US

When you are outside the US, getting a VoIP phone number can be a bit of a struggle because you would have to use third-party services. In most cases, people prefer to use proxies to get a US-based number, which is only for which Google Voice is available, and then use a US-based proxy server to mimic your location when making and receiving calls. 

  • You can use VPN services for which you will have to follow specific instructions from the internet, and the specific service provider you wish to use.
  • You can find lots of programs and software that allow you to make this easier for you, yet no direct method to do so using the Google Voice app itself.
  • Also, you have to get an actual phone number based on the US, register it (which may not be free), and then you can set up Google Voice.


  • When selecting a phone number, Google Voice will offer you phone numbers based on your location, and you can search by area code and city.

This service is for those inside the US. If you can’t find a suitable one in your area, you can search for it nearby.

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