Leather stamping is something fun you can do to make something creative using leather. You can create customized things like diary covers, name tags, luggage tags, and so on. Leather stamping is not something that is too difficult and you can get the hang of it easily.

How to Stamp Leather Letters?

If you wish to stamp some words on the leather, then you need this technique. You can stamp letters on leather pieces to create something unique and fun for someone,

  • Take a piece of leather, cut it appropriately, and then wet it. Leather is hard and hence it needs to be properly wet of the stamping is to work.
  • Place the leather piece against a hard surface with the stamping side facing upwards.
  • Then take the stamping mold and press it firmly against the leather. Hit the backside of the stamping mold with a hammer a few times.

How to Stamp Leather with Ink?

You might not want to put a pressure stamp on the leather. A simple stamping of leather with ink can allow you to create personalized things. All you need is a rubber stamp and an ink pad.

  • Create a Rubber stamp of the word or the design that you want to stamp. Take a piece of leather and place it against a firm surface without wetting it.
  • Take the rubber stamp and press it firmly against the ink pad. Then quickly press the ink laden rubber stamp against the leather.
  • Hold it in place firmly for a few seconds before releasing it.

How to Stamp Faux Leather?

You may want to use Faux Leather which is nothing but synthetic leather for stamping. Faux leather is especially popular among people who are against animal cruelty. If you wish to stamp faux leather, the procedure is almost the same.

  • First, cut the faux leather of the appropriate size and shape. Then place it against a hard surface and make it really wet.
  • After this, fix the metallic stamp on the stamp setter properly. Then place the setter on the faux leather firmly and hammer it a few times.
  • Subsequently, leave the faux leather to dry.

Viking Leather Stamps

Viking Leather stamps have Viking letters or designs on them. You may want to use Viking leather stamps made of wood or metal for your project. Your project can look really unique using these stamps.

  • Cut out a piece of leather that you want to use and shape it well. Stretch it against the support and then apply some water on it.
  • If your stamp is wooden then hold it in place for a few seconds and then apply pressure. If your stamp is made of metal, then you can use a hammer to leave a mark on the leather.

Leather Embossing Stamp

Leather embossing stamps are the common variety of stamps that you come across. They have a raised stamping surface that leaves a depression on the leather that you stamp with them. Using Leather embossing stamps will be easy if you perform the following steps.

  • If it is a readymade embossing stamp you can use it directly. Otherwise, assemble the stamps on the stamp setter properly.
  • Then, place the stamp setter with the stamps against a wet piece of leather. Apply pressure on the stamp setter by hammering over the back part. Release and let the leather dry.

3D Leather Stamps

3D leather stamps are a good variant of the conventional leather stamps for you to use. They have raised lines or rivets with gaps in the middle making a closed shape.

  • They make lines and rivets on the leather with the closed shape being raised. The object or the closed shape looks raised and this gives a 3D effect.
  • These stamps are readymade and cannot be assembled on a stamp setter. To use them you need to be careful while applying pressure.
  • Don’t apply too much pressure, just hammer it lightly and quickly to leave a 3D mark.

How to Make Your Own Leather Stamp?

Sometimes, you may want to create your own stamp since the readymade ones don’t suit your needs. You can make your own leather stamp easily using wood.

  • Take a piece of softwood and carve the design of the stamp you want. Then use the needles of the wood carving kit to crave that design out.
  • You must make sure that the carving is deep so as to leave a mark. Leave the portions that you want to see on the leather as raised. Then press this self-made stamp against a wet piece of leather and apply pressure.


  • While stamping leather, make sure that the stamp is firmly in place and that it does not move.
  • Make sure that the leather is properly wet as dry leather will not get stamped. You may have to wet the leather several times during one project.
  • After stamping, you must leave the leather undisturbed until it dries or the entire stamp may not set properly.
  • You may ruin the leather while applying pressure. Hence, you should be careful while applying pressure and not put too much.

How do you put a stamp on leather?

Can you stamp any leather?

Leather stamping can be a fun project to create things like leather name tags and more. While it may sound complicated, it’s surprisingly easy to stamp leather with the right supplies. All you need are leather stamps and a hammer to create custom stamped pieces of leather.

Do I need to wet leather before stamping?

The leather should be damp, but not soaking wet. Top tip: Let the leather return to its natural color, and then begin stamping. If your leather dries before you complete your design, it will be necessary to remoisten.

How do you stamp emboss leather?

Affix the leather to a sturdy surface. Use clamps to fasten it down so it does not move during the embossing process. Next, affix your first stamp to the cylinder tool, and arrange it stamp side down on the surface of the leather, holding the cylinder in your non-dominant hand.

What is embossing on leather?

The embossing of leather. Embossing is the art of producing raised patterns on the natural grain of an animal skin. The design is created by pressing rolling, or stamping. Embossments can cover the entire surface of a skin or just selected areas.

How do you emboss thin leather?

How to emboss leather
  1. Place your piece of unfinished leather on a flat worktable. Make sure the front of the leather is facing up.
  2. Affix the leather to a sturdy surface.
  3. Pour a small amount of leather finish onto a damp cloth, then rub it over your work in circular motions.

How do you permanently write on leather?

How do you permanently mark leather? Leather can be permanently marked, for writing or drawing, using special leather pens or markers. If you’d like to permanently mark it, say for sewing, pricking wheels or irons can work best.

How do you stamp thick leather?

How do you Deboss leather?

What is debossing and what’s the difference between that and something that’s embossed? Our leather debossing method takes heated brass dies, then hand presses them down into the leather, creating a stamped effect. An embossed leather pushes a pattern or monogram up into the leather, creating a raised effect.

How do you stamp leather with foil?

How do you remove Deboss leather?

Rub the moistened cotton ball over the gold lettering until it completely dissolves from the leather’s surface. Use gentle pressure and a gentle rubbing motion to remove the gilding, as acetone is a powerful solvent and will leach any dyes out of the leather. You may need to re-moisten the cotton ball occasionally.

How do you engrave leather by hand?

Punch holes using a leather punch or chisel. Use a leather mallet to strike the chisels or tools as metal hammers will drive the chisel too hard. This will take some practice to determine how much pressure to apply. Repeat to create the pattern or letters you’d like to engrave.

Can you use a Dremel on leather?

Dremel tools are built to take on a lot of project, from metal to wood and even leather. They are actually very good for leather projects and will speed up your process.

Can you stamp leather after it has been dyed?

And since it won’t accept water it won’t hold tool marks. The water sinks into the fibers which bond together under the pressure of the stamp. Once it has been dyed it won’t tool very well at all.

What is blind embossing leather?

In blind embossing, the plate is heated and pressed in the material without any colour film. In colour imprint, a colour film is pushed between the leather and the press. These come in a variety of colours. Blind embossing is mainly done on plain leathers and colour imprints on pigmented smooth leathers.

What is the design on leather called?

Leather Carving, as the name implies, means carving your image into the leather creating more elaborate scenery and designs.

What is Debossing vs embossing?

What is a blind Deboss?

Embossing is when you raise a logo or other image to create a 3D graphic. This raised design is achieved by pushing a metal die into paper, card stock (or other chosen material) from underneath. Debossing is the opposite of embossing as you are creating an indent in the material you are using.