When it comes to starting a conversation with a girl, there are some people who are confident enough. There are others who shy away from it. Again, there are some who are comfortable talking to girls but when there are other people present, they fumble to start a conversation. They all think about what the girl will think and start hesitating.

  1. Start by Complimenting Her

Be polite and keep the conversation genuine. Always make her special with your words and actions. Smile and start the conversation, and compliment her about her smile.

  • Compliment her dress and tell her more things about her makeup or the accessories she is wearing.
  • You can use some flirty lines like “are you a camera because whenever I look at you, I smile”.
  • Try to keep everything simple. Keep in mind that girls don’t like being cheesy all the time. Being polite and genuine is the best thing you can do.
  1. Observe Her Actions

You should observe her body language and all the facial expressions that she is making. Be smart to fathom what she is feeling through her body language.

  • Do not look down when she is talking or saying anything. Look her in the eyes all the time. Make her feel that you are giving your complete attention to whatever she is saying or doing.
  • As we say actions speak better than words, you can keep your hand on her shoulder while saying something sensitive or something intense to make her feel that it is something different or really important that you are going to talk about.
  • Always smile as she may start thinking that you are not interested at all and always react to her conversation.
  1. Approaching Her as a Stranger that They would Like to Know

You should always start with a single word of gratitude by saying hi or hello. Be polite and always keep in mind to be yourself. Don’t fake your behavior or the way you talk.

  • If you are meeting someone new in a bar or in a club, try saying simple words by starting the conversation by saying your name with a polite Hi and you can even ask her for a drink.
  • After all this then you can start the conversation. If she is interested then she will surely continue the conversation you will get to know her name.
  1. Ask Her Simple Questions

Ask her how was her day and start will general questions. She will feel nice if you start like this. This shows that you are really interested in talking to her and you are ready to listen whatever she wants to say.

  • As you ask her about her day, do try to add a continuing question like was it awesome? This gives a positive vibe.
  • Never miss a word she says. Whatever she says will be important for you till the end of the conversation.
  1. Talk about Her Work or about Her Education

The most important thing for a conversation to continue for a very long time is having common grounds or something common to talk about.

  • Ask her questions about her work or class and do show a positive attitude.
  • Ask her about her projects that she is working on and if the grounds are common then ask her specific questions about the project and what part of the project interests her most.
  • Ask her about the subjects she is studying and ask her which teacher you like the most if she is in a class.
  1. Talk about Any Events that are Coming up in the Future

After having a brief conversation, you can talk about any upcoming event that is going to happen in the city or in the organization. This would show what is more common between you both.

  • There can be a music festival or some workshop that is going to happen in your city. See what interests her. Try to ask her to come with you if she shows interests.
  • If there is any exam then, talk about it and tell her what subject you are weak at. This will give you a chance to talk about it more. 
  • If you both are working then you can tell her that you are waiting for the weekends to come so that you can go somewhere and drain all your pressure. While saying this you can ask her to join you. If there is any music festival happening in your city, surely ask her out if she gets comfortable with you. She will surely love to go to a music festival.
  1. Talk about any Common Friend

There can be times when the girl you are talking to can be friends with your best friend from your office or your class.

  • By having a common friend your conversation can become much longer. You can ask her that isn’t he/she great?
  • As you get comfortable, talk about your common friend and ask her how did they meet?  
  • Don’t talk much about your friend as she may doubt or have second thoughts about you.
  1. Talk about All the Shared Interests

As you continue talking to her, you will get to know a lot of things about her and she will get to know a thing about you too. Gradually there will be a lot of shared interests.

  • If you both like something which is common, do it together. Any sports or reading books, anything. Try to join her in any event that you have in common.
  • Ask her how she started loving it or since when is she doing that common interest. Slowly involve yourself.
  • It doesn’t matter if she is a girl or a boy. So don’t judge her with her interests. If something is not common, accept it and appreciate it.
  • There are times when you won’t be having common topics to talk about but you really want to talk to the girl then, don’t show a negative behavior. Try to listen to whatever she is saying and appreciate it.  
  • Don’t push her or force her to go somewhere. Take your time and make her comfortable first.
  1. Start Asking Her Personal Questions

The moment you realize that she is getting really comfortable with the conversation, start asking her personal questions. Start showing that you are interested in her, and would like to know her more.

  • Start by asking her about her future. She would love to talk about it. If she says something that is not great then give her some confidence and tell her to keep working hard. Tell her things that she wants to hear
  • As you are getting personal, you should ask about the family members and all the people who are close to her. 
  • Don’t ask something that she will make her uncomfortable. That will completely break the conversation.
  1. Always be Confident

Whenever you are talking to her, try to be confident and show her that whatever she is saying gives you interests. But you should also keep in mind to keep yourself updated too.

  • You can start by updating your clothes and your appearance. Stop wearing shabby clothes. Keep in mind that people will initially judge you with your clothes and your hair. So it is important.
  • Always speak clearly and avoid gap filler words like you know, basically, as in. Don’t be too loud or too soft. Be a bit loud so that she can clearly listen to whatever you are saying.
  • Do not overdo anything, as she may avoid you and can cause a negative impression.


  • Always try to listen to what she is saying, and whenever she is saying anything try to nod your head or say something so that she will feel that you are interested in the conversation.
  • Keep an eye contact with her all the time. This will give her a feeling of confidence and will feel comfortable.

Don’t talk about things that will end up into gossip or a controversy. It will lead to a lack of interest.

How do you start a interesting conversation with a girl?

Approach her.

Go up to the girl you want to start a conversation with, smile and say hello. Tell her your name and ask for hers. Keep it simple. A genuine, polite greeting beats a cheesy pick-up line any day.

How do I start a conversation with a girl?

Tips To Start A Face-To-Face Conversation With A Girl
  1. Compliment her. Women love being complimented.
  2. Greet her.
  3. Introduce yourself to her.
  4. Refer to a common thing that connects.
  5. Use a pick-up line.
  6. Ask her about her interests.
  7. Enquire about her day.
  8. Request for her guidance.

How can I text a unknown girl?

Texting will only work if you know her phone number. It’s hard to ask a girl for her number, but try to be casual about it. A simple “Hey, I don’t think I have your number yet.

Ask for her number.

  1. Getting her number from another friend.
  2. Asking her over IM or the internet.
  3. Making a big deal out of it.

What should I text to a girl?

Here’s how to text a girl you like:
  1. Compliment Her.
  2. Say Sweet Things to Her.
  3. Show her your good traits, instead of telling her.
  4. Feel free to joke with her, but stay away from inappropriate jokes.
  5. Remember things she tells you about herself (family, job, experiences)
  6. Don’t rely only on teasing her to keep her attention.

Should I text a girl everyday?

Texting her everyday shows the degree of your love, and shows that you have her in mind. In such a case, seeing her texts every day should be a norm. For someone you are dating, when you text her every day, it sends an emotional message to her, which makes her feel special.

How do make a girl want you?

Make sure you give her the safe place she needs, when she needs to open up to you about something. Give her a special nickname. Make her laugh, make her trust you, and most of all, make her want you.