They say skills & knowledge grow when it’s shared and not when it’s stored up within oneself forever. There are numerous ways to share one’s knowledge and skills like by taking classes, blogging, vlogging etc. One such way is by organizing “the co-op of the home school”. Usually, every neighborhood has a home school co-op. Even if someone one doesn’t have one, they can start it by following the five simple steps below.

  1. Gather Help
  • The first step to start up a home school co-op is to gather some trustworthy people around and form a good team. It is next to impossible for a single person to run and manage the entire home school co-op themselves.
  • The co-op of the home school is where a group of like-minded and skilled people/ families come together to share and obtain new knowledge and skills. Usually, a group of family members comes together along with their children at one organized place.
  • There are innumerable benefits of organizing and attending home school co-op like, it teaches how to work in a team, increases socialization skills thereby increases one network.
  • So, a good team acts as a base and is a must for the long term success of your home school co-op. Ensure that people who you have gathered is skillful enough and hold a greater level of enthusiasm and leadership skill.
  • These skills will help in proper organizing and managing of the home school co-op.
  1. Set up an Objective

The next and obvious step after setting up a good team is to set up a well-defined objective. There would be no point in going ahead with other steps without a goal in mind.

  • The goals must be set up by having a proper discussion with your fellow teammates. The objective to be set up should be such that it meets everyone’s personal goals too.
  • You can set up goals to gather up family and children and to develop saving skills, provide academic training, serve a community.
  • While setting up the objective you can even determine about how often the group can meet up, where and at what time to meet up, how will the expenses be shared, who will perform the training job, is there any need to hire a new teacher for the same or can the goal be achieved by just sharing the training job among the skilled people within the group.
  1. Publicize

Ones the team, its objective and the plan is set up, and then it becomes a right time to launch the same to the publics’ eye. The objective cannot be met if many people don’t even know about the same.

  • Publicizing is an important step to pull up quality and likeminded people who can join together to achieve the objective of the home school co-op. The publicizing can be done either through offline or online.
  • In offline mode, you can create banners and pamphlets that convey detailed information about the home school co-op. In online mode, You can start up by creating a website that contains the complete details regarding the home school co-op, like date of the event, time, event photographs, vision, and mission etc., and then market the same in social media platform like Face book, Twitter, etc.
  1. Plan & Host Inauguration Day

During the marketing stage, you would have gathered enough details about valuable people who can join up the home school co-op.

  • So, now the next step would be to plan and organize an inauguration day when all such people could meet up and understand the objective in-depth and join the home school co-op for the same.
  • Prepare a registration sheet which you can share with the people who turn out to be keen to join the home school co-op.
  • Also, take up an extra print out of pamphlet that can be distributed to make more members join your home school co-op.
  1. Action Time

As of now, you would have created a clear goal and set up people for the same. Now, it is the final and most important step you have to step. This is, to act. The action should include the various set of activities to be followed in accordance with the objective set.

  • The initial activity which the group members of the home school co-op can do together is to pick a name, design logo, plan up monthly review up the magazine, plan for any group trips. Some of the activities one can take up are drawing, book reading, music, photography, crafts, service work etc.


They say the best knowledge of the world is not achieved through a book but it is achieved by sharing and gaining knowledge with people around you. The same can be achieved by setting up the home school co-op by following the entire process as mentioned above with complete team spirit and desire to achieve one’s goal.