Groundhogs are basically woodchucks that have a huge appetite.

They can eat a whole garden very quicklyAre you also worried these relatives of squirrels are going to eat up your plants? Have groundhogs hogged up a significant portion of flowers in your garden? Are you trying to find ways to get rid of these creatures and protect your plants?

The tips given below are some ways to protect your garden:

  1. Fencing

The most basic form of repelling any unwanted guest is to set up a fencing system. Groundhogs can usually jump to heights and tunnels which are at a low level, so you need to establish tall and good fencing to make sure groundhogs do not enter your garden and eat your plants.

  • Use a wire of chicken which is preferably 6 feet tall or more. Also, get five-foot posts.
  • Level the wire deep (12 inches) into the ground so that groundhogs cannot create tunnels.
  • Bind the fencing to the foot posts except for the one that is on top. That way they will not be able to climb on it.
  1. Relocate

Have you ever tried to set a trap for the mouse in your house? Did you know the same trap can be set for groundhogs as well? Well, yes! Ever since traditional times, catching and releasing of animals have been a popular way of repelling these creatures by making them lose their path towards you.

  • Remember that groundhogs are wild creatures.  To implement the catch and release method, you need to take all adequate self-protection.
  • Try to wear gloves that are sturdy and ensure that you pick the trap only with its handles.
  • Spend a good amount of time to wash these traps to wear out any human odor.
  • Groundhogs have a strong sense of smell so any human scent on the trap will only make them not come near your trap. Groundhogs are smart. They might use their mind in playing around with a weight on your trap to know the trick you are using against them. Hence, try to put some heavyweight on the trap so that the groundhogs are not able to fool you.
  • Be human enough to keep an ample amount of food and water in the trap so that the groundhog is not left to starve for days.
  • Further, wash the trap since the animal might excrete in your trap once you set them free in a remote location.
  1. Garden Maintenance

We all know that in order to drive out all ill elements like germs and bacteria, cleanliness and self-maintenance are important. To drive away groundhogs, you might as well have to adopt the same technique

  • Do not have idle wooden piles in your garden. Remove all dried bushes or any place that might serve as a shelter to these creatures.
  • Organic repellents can be used to prevent groundhogs. These products are available in the form of granules and vegetables so you can purchase them.
  • It is important to know that these repellents are to be applied to the stems and leaves of your plants and not anywhere else.
  • These animals are shy and will avoid noisy places. Use functional products like wind chimes, pinwheels, Swiss bells or any functional noisy products to ensure these creatures stay away.


  • Groundhogs do not like humans so you can scatter human hair or clothes in your gardens.
  • You can also use sprinkle pepper on your plants as if they do not like a certain taste, they will leave your plants alone.

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