Firefox is one of the recommended Web browsers for both PC and smartphones. But every website has pop-ups that create hindrance while surfing the internet. So let’s discuss the ways to get rid of it. Removing pop-ups from Firefox is a very simple procedure and it can be done by the help of various software patches and third-party software.  

Ways to Remove MyWay from Firefox

There are times when MyWay gets installed while installing the official setup of Mozilla Firefox. It becomes a huge hindrance while surfing the net as it suddenly opens in a new tab.

  • First, the user needs to open the Firefox browser from the desktop icon.
  • After the browser is open the user will find an icon on the upper right side with three horizontal lines. Click that.
  • After clicking the icon, a drop-down menu will appear and then click the option tag.  The user will get the preference menu.
  • Then click the privacy & security icon which is on the far left side and there will be a permission icon. Click that and go to the further step.
  • After clicking the permission icon, the user will see a box icon saying Block pop- up windows and disable MyWay as a primary search engine. Tick both the box and the pop-ups will be disabled as well as the primary search engine will become Google.

Using Adblock Plus

Sometimes there are pop-ups that open as another tab which creates a lot of problems. To stop this from happening, the user can install an ad blocker in the web browser.

  • Open the browser and search Adblock Plus extension page.
  • After the web page is open, there will an option for Add to Firefox. Click that and wait for the software to install in the browser.
  • While installing the browser will require permission to install the third party software.
  • The Adblock plus will be installed in your browser. The user needs to restart the browser.
  • After this, the user can go in the Adblock settings and disable all the pop-ups.

Installing Firefox Focus

It is one of the free versions of Mozilla Firefox for all the Android smartphones and iPhone. This browser has a built-in ad blocker. This means that the browser does not need any kind of third-party software.

Blocking Pop-Ups Using Firefox Setting in iPhone

As the iPhone already has strong security, it is difficult to get any pop-ups but sometimes there are few pop-ups that pops on a different tab.

  • First, click the Firefox icon and go to the bottom right corner.
  • There will be three horizontal lines. Click that.
  • After clicking the lines, the user will see the settings option.
  • After clicking the settings option there will be options for Block pop-up Windows.
  • Enable that icon and the pop-ups will be disabled.

Blocking Pop-Ups Using Firefox Setting in Android

As I told you that Firefox develops web browsers both for PC and smartphones, the developers left no loopholes to make the Android browser.

  • To block the pop-ups in Android version, click the Firefox icon.
  • Then type about: config in the search bar.
  • In the about: config type “dom.disable_during_load” and click enter.
  • Click the option “True”.
  • Then click the option toggle. This will disable all the pop-ups in the browser.

CCleaner to Disable Pop-Up

CCleaner initially added an option to disable ads and pop-ups in the Firefox browser. CCleaner has been the best software to block any unwanted files on the computer.

  • Install CCleaner and then signup.
  • Go to settings and click to security.
  • Then tick the pop-up box and close the software.
  • If the browser is open, close it instantly.
  • After that open the Firefox browser and check whether everything is working fine or not. If not then repeat the whole process again.

Adguard to Block Pop-Ups

Adguard is third-party software that helps to prevent pop-ups and ads. It even has all the features of anti-virus that make it great to use.

  • Buy the software and download it. Install it with its recommended settings.
  • After installation, the software will ask the user to make an account. After signing up the software is ready to run.
  • At first, it will scan the whole system and check for any malware or virus.
  • Then click the icon on the upper left side.
  • Go to the setting option and then security. Click the pop-up block option and the browser will be free from any pop-ups.


  • Keep in mind that pop-ups and ads will always be displayed if there is no security.

To prevent the pop-ups, try not to open any suspicious web sites.