In general, stomach cramps refer to the feeling of discomfort and pain in the abdominal area. It causes sharp and intermittent contractions in the lower chest region. Stomach or abdominal cramps also cause pain in groin or pelvis regions of the body.

The quick fix to stomach cramps is deep breathing. You must focus on breathing fully. This distracts your mind and lets you focus on other things. Go outside and breathe in the fresh air. Sit down somewhere comfortable, close your eyes, and try to relax.

How to stop stomach cramps after running?

If you are not a regular runner, you can experience stomach cramps often. It will take some time for your body to adopt the running habit. Improper hydration is one of the leading causes of cramps and nausea.

It is important to hydrate your body before and during running. However, do drink too much water because it can make the situation worse. Remember this!

To treat stomach cramps after running, you can drink a cup of herbal tea. The nice warm liquid with an enjoyable aroma will ease your stomach.

We recommend peppermint, ginger, or chamomile. They are the best relaxants. Not only do they fight bacteria but give a warm feeling to your stomach. This way, you reduce the cramps or pain.

Another good way to treat stomach cramps after running is heating the area. Make sure you don’t burn yourself. Get a heating pad and then apply it on your stomach. Lay down to increase the effect. This will relax the abdominal muscles.

How to stop stomach cramps while enceinte?

Gas pains occur in the stomach and can mimic chest cramps. Cramps during pregnancy are normal. However, if they bother you, you can take calcium antacids to relieve gas. Massaging your stomach is another way to stop cramps. Make sure you consult your doctor before you apply these methods.

Use your fingertips to gently press your stomach. Bicycle your legs to relieve gastric issues that are causing cramps. The leg bicycling method is useful during pregnancy. It helps the legs to move so that the gas is released. Again, since you are enceinte, don’t move your legs fast. Otherwise, it can lead to other complications such as miscarriage.

Treatment of stomach cramps during pregnancy depends on what is causing it. You can take a short brisk walk or antacids to treat indigestion. The uterus expansion usually causes soreness. If you feel soreness, you can use warm compresses to relieve cramps.

How to stop stomach cramps fast?

You can quickly stop stomach cramps. There are various ways to stop or treat stomach cramps. Some of the best ways for quick relief are:

Gentle Yoga Stretches

Yoga, as we have told many times, is beneficial for overall health and fitness. Stretching is a useful yoga method to get some quick relief. You can do many yoga poses. Any of them will stimulate the digestive system and relieve the stomach bloating.

We recommend the “knees to stomach” pose. Experts recommend this pose to quickly relieve stomach cramps. You can do this easily. Choose a comfortable and quiet place and then lie on your back. Next, draw your knees up and make sure they almost touch your chest. While doing this, you must wrap your arms around the shins.

Try Mint Leaves

Mint is a traditional but useful remedy for treating stomach cramps. This natural remedy is one of the fastest ways to eliminate stomach cramps. Mint has incredible painkilling properties. Its flavor is fresh and the aroma is nice. You can chew fresh mint leaves.

Also, you can infuse cold water with it. Another quick relief is by eating peppermint candy. Drink peppermint tea to quickly soothe your stomach and abdominal muscles.


The most common cause of stomach cramps is digestive issues. This is why health professionals recommend to take a few steps at the home or go for a slow walk after you have eaten your meal. When you don’t, the stomach acid accumulates in your digestive tract. Thus, it leads to discomfort, nausea, pain, cramps, etc.

We have given you a few useful tips, which you can use to relieve stomach cramps. All of them are natural remedies expect for antacids, which you must take with the prescription from your doctor.

How do you get rid of stomach cramps in 5 minutes?

Applying a heating pad, hot water bottle, hot towel, or heat wrap over the abdomen and back helps relax the muscles in the abdomen and relieve abdominal cramps and pain. The temperature should ideally be 104° Fahrenheit. Taking a hot bath with bubbles and essential oils or hot showers can also help.

What causes cramps in the stomach?

Whether you’ve got a mild ache or serious cramps, abdominal pain can have many causes. For instance, you might have indigestion, constipation, a stomach virus or, if you’re a woman, menstrual cramps. Other possible causes include: Irritable bowel syndrome (IBS)

What can I drink for stomach cramps?

Treatment & Prevention
  • Sports drinks.
  • Clear, non-caffeinated sodas such as 7-Up, Sprite or ginger ale.
  • Diluted juices such as apple, grape, cherry or cranberry (avoid citrus juices)
  • Clear soup broth or bouillon.
  • Popsicles.
  • Decaffeinated tea.

How long do stomach cramps last?

Common Causes of Stomach Pain

Harmless abdominal pain usually subsides or goes away within two hours.

Does anxiety cause stomach cramps?

People feel the effects of stress and anxiety in many ways. One common symptom is stomachaches. Anxiety can worsen symptoms of abdominal cramps and pain and make you literally feel sick to your stomach.

What position should you sleep in when your stomach hurts?

Start out on your left side at night to prevent heartburn and allow gravity to move waste through your colon.

Is Coca Cola good for an upset stomach?

“Carbonation can help to reduce the total acidity of the stomach, which may help the nausea dissipate,” Dr. Szarka says. Because many people associate sweet flavors with contentment, a soda might further help bring that queasy feeling under control.

How can I relax my stomach?

A nervous stomach can often be treated with home and natural remedies, as well as lifestyle changes.
  1. Try herbal remedies.
  2. Avoid caffeine, especially coffee.
  3. Practice deep breathing, mindfulness, and meditation.
  4. Try calming diffuser oils or incenses.
  5. Find space for yourself to relax.