Apples are different from other fruits in terms of nutrition as well as shelf life. You can keep apples fresh for several weeks if you know how to store them. Mentioned below are a few tips on how to keep apples fresh for a long time.

  1. Buy them Fresh

When you are buying apples make sure to avoid fully ripe ones. They are fit for use within a few days. But if you want to keep them fresh for several days you need to buy apples that are firm to touch. If the apples are waxy to touch it means they are too ripe and cannot stay fresh for more than a week.

  1. Check for Soft Spots

While selecting apples, avoid the ones that have soft spots. These spots indicate potential damage resulting from rough handling. These apples tend to get spoiled quite faster. The damaged area would darken within a few days and the decay would spread gradually to ruin the entire fruit.

  1. Store in a Dark Place

Keep the apples away from sunlight if you want them to live longer. You can preserve them in a basket that has holes for air circulation and keeps the lid closed. This is a general rule that applies to all types of fruits and vegetables.

  1. Refrigerate Them

You can store fresh apples for around a month if you refrigerate them. Make sure that you clean them nicely before placing in the refrigerator. The ideal place to store the apples is in your crisper drawer.  Note that apples have a high amount of water content and these water molecules tend to freeze when you refrigerate them at very low temperatures.  So before using them, leave them in normal room temperature for an hour.

  1. Store Separately

Do not store apples with other fruits or vegetables. This rule is applicable even when you are refrigerating them. Apples release ethylene into the atmosphere and this can affect the shelf life of other fruits. Likewise decays in other fruits can affect the freshness of the apples. So when you are refrigerating them preferably cover them in plastic bags to get the best results.

  1. Remove the Bad Ones

Check the apples periodically and remove the bad ones immediately. A rotten apple can spoil the good ones faster. So look for dark round spots on the surface of the apples which is a sign of decay.