Starching your shirt the right way can give you a good fit.

There are many ways to stretch a shirtHowever, not all of them will give you a precise fitTo avoid re-shrinking and re-stretching, we suggest you follow the steps given belowThe method we are going to tell you about will make your shirt stretching DIY project successful.

Step-by-Step Guide

Here the steps you need to follow or apply to get accurate results.

1.    Wet the shirt thoroughly

You need to wet your shirt thoroughly in a water bowl. You can either put it a big bowel or sop your shirt in the sink. Don’t forget to use cool water. Make sure you soak all parts of the shirt that requires stretching. Your shirt must completely submerge into the water.

Also, if you have a cotton shirt, we recommend you use normal water – i.e. water at room temperature instead of the cold water. This way, you can protect the material of the shirt. The normal water makes the shirt stretch quickly. On the other hand, the extreme cold or hot water will make it shrink.

2.    Mix hair conditioner in water

You need to fill a small cup with a hair conditioner. Add water in the bowl or bucket. Then, pour one-fourth cup of the conditioner in the normal water. You don’t need to use an expensive and high-quality hair conditioner. You can use an inexpensive conditioner product as it can also do the job for you.

In case you don’t have the conditioner available at home, you can use shampoo. When you pour the shampoo or conditioner in the water, make sure you mix it thoroughly. Use your hand or fingers to completely liquefy it in the water.

Otherwise, your shirt won’t absorb the liquid and stretch. The reason why you need to add the conditioner is to make the fibers of the shirt soften. This way, they can get stretched easily.

3.    Put the shirt in the mixture

Once you have made good soapy water by pouring the conditioner, the next step is to put your shirt in the bucket and spread it in the water. Your shirt will stay on the surface of the water. So, you need to give it a few pushes so that it soaks in the water completely. You have to make the shirt sink in the water fully. Leave your shirt in the water for at least 20 minutes.

4.    Drain the water

After 20 minutes, you need to drain the water from the bucket or large bowl or sewer it from the sink. As mentioned above, you can either use your bathroom sink or a plastic bucket. This is up to you. Immerse your shirt and then moderately squeeze it. This way, you will rinse the water from your shirt fabric. Now, soak your shirt in the unconditioned water for a few minutes.

5.    Remove the shirt and rinse it again

After 4-5 minutes, take out the shirt from the clean water. Squeeze it tightly to expel all the water from it. Now, rinse it again. Clean the bucket with tap water and refill it with fresh water. Don’t use cool water.

Water at room temperature is good. Once you have refilled the bucket with fresh water, you need to rinse your shirt again. Put the shirt in the water so that the gluey residues of the hair conditioner are removed.

6.    Dry the Shirt

The next step requires you to squeeze the water out of your shirt. Also, keep your shirt from dripping so that you make the process of drying faster. Next, spread the shirt on a plain surface. Before spreading it, it is important to use a clean cloth or towel so that the surface does not get wet.

Using both hands, stretch your shirt’s neckline and then the chest area and slowly going downwards. Don’t stretch it too much. Otherwise, you have to shrink it again, which is a hectic process and can annoy you.

We recommend mild stretching. You must go along the side and go down slowly. Repeat this process on your shirt’s other side. Continue until you achieve the desired length. Take your shirt outside and dry it in the sunlight.


In summary, this is one of the easiest ways to stretch your shirt though there are other methods you can use. In case you have overstretched your shirt, you can wash and dry the shirt in high heat.

The heat is useful when it comes to shrinking your shirt again. Too much stretching and shrinking means you will lose the desired length. So, to avoid throwing it in the trash can, we recommend you to do this process carefully. Otherwise, you will damage your shirt permanently and have to buy a new one.

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