Right from the beginning flirting has been the most effective tool in showing your interest in the opposite person. In this big world of good looking people if you have liked a guy and wants him to approach you the best and the safest way is to flirt with him subtly. Read some of our effective tips and suggestions to succeed:

  1. Shoot with Your Eyes

With just 3 to 5 seconds holding your gaze on your selected guy will give him a definite signal and if he reciprocates it, go ahead.

  • It is the shortest 5-second flirt and the most effective one.
  • It is the safest flirt without any risk.
  • If you succeed in this it is the first step towards your destiny.
  1. The Smile is All it Takes

A bright smile is the first connection that you make with him, also the way you smile also tells something about you to him.

  • He has to be approached with a light smile first and if he responds smile brightly.
  • Don’t give him a dirty smile at first glance also do not turn and twist your lips.
  • The smile is the oldest and golden way to get him.
  1. Beware of Not Overdoing it

Overdoing anything will look like you are desperate and your guy will categorize you into some cheap and ordinary woman who is just looking for just another option.

  • You can give him a bright and a big smile that will suffice.
  • Also, do not comment on his talk as of now, this advancement will also be considered as desperation.
  • Also, do not gaze at him continuously or smile at him continuously take a break to let him look at you first.
  1. Show Your Maturity

If you are man talks to you and if he asks you questions do not reply with a giggle or big laughter at every question.

  • Take your time to reply to his questions don’t answer immediately.
  • If you giggle at every answer you may look more like a teenager.
  • He is looking for a woman, not a little girl.
  1. Check Your Online Flirting

It may happen that you might not be able to flirt with a guy in personal life but you can do it effectively online especially on social media like Facebook or Twitter.

  • You can flirt with a guy by sending him a personal message agreeing on his views about certain things.
  • If he replies to your message immediately and also adds you in his friends list, your arrow just hit the aim.
  • Don’t to be quick to comment on his every post and also do not take him everywhere across the internet.
  1. Go Ahead and Ask Him

No matter what you do there is no lost you are not going to lose anything so take your smile with you and ask him.

  • Be patient and go slowly step by step.
  • You may want to give your number to him in casual talks.
  • And if you do not want to lose the game go ahead and ask his number straight away.
  1. Take External Help

Suppose if you have met this guy in some random party then you can ask some known female friend for help.

  • Ask your female friend to introduce you to this guy.
  • Or your female friend can ask an open question and ask both of you to answer.
  • A common friend can introduce you as a professional interior designer your guy is looking for.
  1. The Touch

When you start the conversation and at a point, you feel like giving him a clap or just a light touch, do it.

  • While you are laughing on his joke you can pat on his shoulders.
  • You can also give a high five if you agree on some point.
  • Congratulation him on something buy a handshake is also a good flirt.
  1. Don’t Come Down from Your Standards

If you don’t know anything about this guy and yet you want him and you also started flirting with him, check his signals.

  • If he is not responding to your flirts, go slow.
  • Flirt with him even if he is not interested but don’t leave your standards.
  • Finally, if you see no reaction from him it’s better to leave the place with grace.
  1. You Should be Confident First

You should make up your mind before flirting with a guy if you are not confident you may want to fake it.

  • Do not stammer or confuse the words while answering him.
  • Keep your voice medium not high, not fast.
  • You can even pretend to be confident until you don’t get a point to be confident.
  1. Humor Adds the Lightness

The sense of humor is one thing that connects the people immediately the moment you spontaneously comment on a situation or joke about a particular thing.

  • Break the ice between you and the guy with a spontaneous humorous comment.
  • Anybody would like to connect to a person with a good sense of humor.
  • Just see to it that you are not hurting his sentiments with your over a joke.
  1. Take Advantage of Your Body Language

The best way to flirt subtly with a guy is by giving define through body language this is the second safest way to flirt and show your communication skills.

  • The most attractive flirt is to play with your hair.
  • Do not look straight into his eyes also blink sometimes and nod and smile.
  • If your hair is open tie them if they are tied open them gracefully.
  1. Cling to Originality

If you keep smiling all the time and laugh purposely on his poor jokes he will know it. If you agree on every single point he says he will get into doubt.

  • Fake the things but to an extent, also have your own different opinion about things and put it gently.
  • Please do not laugh about the things which are not that funny he might not like it.
  • Besides, if you have to fake the things it indicates that he is not the right kind of guy for you.
  1. Avoid Some Questions

First-time flirt should include the questions about interests, hobbies, movies, music and all the light things that you two can share and discuss.

  • Do not ask about ex-girlfriends and his future plans in life at the beginning of flirt, maybe next time.
  • Also, do not ask him about his monthly income or his business plans right now.
  • Also, do not get involved in religious views and political comments at this moment.
  1. Hold Your Horses Somewhere

If the guy you are flirting with is chatting with you from last 20 minutes and now checks his mobile again and again and gives a sign of leaving the place, don’t stop him.

  • If your guy wants to go and see the football match right now in the middle of a conversation, let him do it.
  • In the middle of flirt if your guy started giving you answers in just yes and no it’s time to back off.
  • Flirt with him do not impose your flirt.
  1. Dress According to Personality Not Occasion

If you are not comfortable with a particular dress do not wear it where those dresses where you look good and which enhances your original personality.

  • The first rule of flirting is to be natural and original which is only possible when you are confidently dressed.
  • In case if you are dressing just for the occasion then do not over do something, making you totally unable to flirt.
  • Please do not ask your guy to tie your waist lace, not at least at the first time of your flirt.
  1. Separate Yourself for Sometime

If the guy you are flirting with is like a quiet person who prefers his comfort area and shows the sign of not being a party animal. Then act accordingly.

  • Please do not drag your other friends and common friends into the conversation that you two are comfortable having.
  • Also do not call from your mobile to a male friend to confirm or ask the things when you are flirting with your guy.
  • If you are approached by a third person give enough chance to your guy to approach you at that time.
  1. Tease Him if You Can

The main reason to tease him is to give him a second hand signal that you are totally interested in him. Also give him some chance to tease you back.

  • Show that you are totally comfortable in getting teased by him in reply, it means he is interested in a flirt.
  • You may want to drop a glass of drink on him accidentally to give him a signal of an intentional teasing act.
  • During the flirt you may want to keep a few sentences incomplete purposely, so that he can complete it.
  1. The Guy Might be Just Shy

Yes even guys are shy especially when you flirt with a guy he might not respond to you in a clear open way but somewhere inside he might actually like you.

  • The non responding guy might be just a shy guy nothing much give him some time and chances to respond.
  • You guys take time to open up in front of girls but you can see some signs and say about his interest in you.
  • If he is not asking you much but still look at you when you look away he is interested in you.
  1. The Use of Text Messages

If you have recently met a guy and got his number for some reason and you start flirting with him over text just check his responses to know more.

  • How often does he replies with emojis to your flirtatious text messages, and with what type of emojis.
  • Observe his replies when you flirt with him with smiley faces, the winks and blushing faces.
  • Do not send the heart emojis on the first day itself wait and watch his replies and then shoot.
  1. The Distorted Names

Giving nicknames to a guy is a bit risky initially, but if you are confident about your flirting skills and its results this is another very effective way to flirt.

  • You can flirt with him by calling him alligator because he loves animals, can lead to a nice humorous conversation.
  • Notice how quickly and humorously he tries to find a nickname for you to and then replies with it.
  • Do not flirt by his newly given nickname if he is surrounded with his friends say it when it is just you two alone.


  • It looks difficult at first but look at flirting as the easiest art form which can be played safely.

Subtle flirting will tell you whether your chosen guy is right for you or not if you are flirting says yes go ahead and get into a relationship.