Long distance relationships can be tricky to deal with. All that distance and separation definitely takes a toll on the health of the relationship. A lot of long-distance relationships don’t last so in this segment we bring you a few tips in how to ace matters involved in long distance relationships.

  1. Keep that Spark Alive

Distance is bound to add hurdles in your relationship. It’s extremely important to understand this and not let it drive you apart.

  • You need to work together as a team to keep that spark between both of you alive and kicking.
  • Try to set small differences aside when you talk to one another.
  • Make sure you both are in tandem about what the relationship calls.
  • Express whatever you feel is hurting the relationship.
  • Be in touch with your partner about relevant issues.
  1. Work on Compromising

Comprising is the foundation of long-distance relationships. Without certain compromises from both sides, the relationship will definitely start to fall apart at the seams.

  • Work out certain compromises with your partner regarding communication.
  • Work out what parts of the day you can devote to talking to each other.
  • You may each have to prioritize your partner over other pressing work from time to time.
  • Meet your partner halfway so that the relationship prospers.
  1. Take Help from Technology

Modern Technology has made keeping in touch extremely easy. Everyone is just a call or text away. Technology is sure to be a boon for your relationship if used well.

  • Use different apps for communicating with each other.
  • Use video calling apps to virtually be present with them.
  • Use a common texting platform to keep in touch.
  1. Plan Meetups

Being away from someone for so long is difficult and is bound to make your partner restless. Make sure you plan some meetups when both of you are available.

  • Planned meetups will help you keep that fire burning.
  • Meetups will give both of you something to look forward to.
  • Meetups will result in memories which you both can hold on to until you both meet again.
  • Meetups will help in keeping the romance and feel alive from both sides.
  • Meetups which are mutually decided will ensure that there is no disturbance to the rest of your lives.
  1. Call Your Partner Often

This is an important thing you must keep in mind if you are in a long-distance relationship. Calling your partner and calling first can solve a host of problems for both of you.

  • Frequent calling will ensure that you both are updated about each other’s lives.
  • Calling first will make your partner feel special since you thought of them first.
  • When you call someone, it means that you were thinking about them and that’s a good feeling.
  • Call just to talk to your partner and not just when you have some work.
  1. Keep in Touch

Communication is the key to a long-distance relationship. The better the communication, the better the chances of the relationship thriving.

  • Keep in touch with your partner as much as possible.
  • Give your partner timely updates about what is going on with you.
  • Spare no detail while telling your partner something.
  1. Keep Your Partner Updated about Your Life

A feeling of jealousy and abandonment can soon take over a long-distance relationship if you don’t keep your partner updated about what is going on with your life.

  • Tell your partner what happened to you and how you dealt with the problems that you faced during the day.
  • Tell your partner whatever is happening in your life.
  • Tell your partner even the minor details of what is happening with your life.
  • Tell your partner about what you ate, what you plan to do the next day and .similar stuff.
  • Tell your partner about how your life has changed since they left the city.
  1. Understand that Your Partner has a Separate Life

Long-distance relationships require a great deal of understanding from both sides. This may be hard to accept but you both need to embrace the fact that you will not be a constant part of your partner’s life anymore.

  • You need to understand that your partner is spending most of his time without you around them.
  • You need to give them some space to deal with their day to day work.
  • You can’t afford to take it personally if they devote less time to you on a few days.
  • You need to lead them to lead their life and come back to you whenever they find time.
  1. Avoid Jealousy

A deal breaker in most relationships is Jealousy. This one thing has caused so many relationships to fail. It’s important to understand that jealousy is a part of human nature so that it can be dealt with appropriately.

  • Your partner will be jealous of the fact that you are no longer spending as much time with them.
  • Your partner will feel jealous that other people are now getting most of your time.
  • Your partner is jealous because those other people get to be around you while he or she doesn’t.
  • You need to also stop being jealous of how your partner spends his time.
  • You need to accept that you won’t be as big a part of your partner’s life as you were.
  1. Work on Developing a Deeper Understanding

A lot of problems commonly associated with long-distance relationships can be avoided if you both are on the same page and have a deep understanding.

  • Have a heart to heart with your partner from time to time.
  • Make sure you both know how the other person is feeling and the reason behind it.
  • Make an effort to try an determine the underlying causes of your arguments.
  • Don’t turn your arguments into power struggles or attempts to establish dominance.
  1. Order Gifts Online

Being in a long-distance relationship prevents you from planning cute litter surprises for each and bring each other gifts. Luckily technology comes to the rescue here.

  • Order gifts for your partner from time to time.
  • Online stores have a wide array of products so you can choose whatever your partner loves best.
  • Your partner will be pleasantly surprised when they get an unexpected gift from you.
  • Online gifts can be customized to add that personal touch.
  • Receiving online gifts can become an endearing memory which your partner will cherish.
  1. Hold on to the Good Memories

At times, you and your partner may have bad fights or wonder if the relationship is going the right way. Additionally, the mind tends to dwell on the bad aspects of the relationship when you are feeling sad.

  • Make sure to consciously keep in mind the good memories with your partner.
  • Remind your partner about the cherished moments you both shared.
  • Use good memories together to reduce the pain of separation.
  1. Remind Yourself Why it’s Worth it

Many long-distance relationships collapse because both the partners start to wonder if it is actually worth it to stick together. While wondering in itself is not an issue, this seed of doubt festers and causes issues.

  • Remember the day that you first met her and what you felt for her then.
  • Keep reminding yourself of the feeling you used to get around her.
  • Remember that you both committed to this because you wanted to start a life together.
  • Remember that you need to be each other’s support and that eventually; this phase of the relationship will pass.
  1. Refer to Old Memories in Your Conversations

You are bound to have some good memories with your partner. Hang on to those memories and remind your partner about them from time to time.

  • When you are talking to your partner remind them about a fond old memory.
  • Good memories make for good conversation starters.
  • Promise to create more memories together.
  • Rekindling old memories will remind your partner what it was like to be together in person.
  • Old memories will serve as roots for the long-distance relationship to grow upon.
  1. Keep an Open Dialogue

Since you both are in a long-distance relationship, it is important to keep an open means of dialogue at all times. Make sure you both are in sync with each other on critical issues.

  • Keep talking to your partner regularly about relevant issues.
  • Don’t avoid problems that pop up in the relationship.
  • Discuss the things about the relationship that are bothering you.
  1. Resort to Frequent Texting

Frequent texting ensures better communication. Moreover, it lets you be close to your partner despite being far away.

  • Text your partner frequently even if it’s just a short hi.
  • Greet your partner at the start and at the end of the day.
  • Text your partner when you get a few minutes of free time at work.
  • Share amusing content and memes with your partner.
  • Text and ask your partner’s day how his or her day is going.
  1. Tell Your Partner about Any New People in Your Life

It is vital that you keep your partner updated about any new people entering or leaving your life. Your partner may get jealous or even suspicious if new people enter your life and you don’t tell him or her.

  • Your partner may get suspicious that you are cheating on them if you don’t tell them about the people you meet.
  • If you keep deflecting from telling your partner about the people in your life, seeds of doubt will start to grow.
  • Your partner may feel that you are trying to replace them with someone else.
  • Your partner may get jealous that you are going out and meeting new people to spend time with them.
  • Your partner may feel left out or excluded from your life.
  1. Send Unexpected Texts

Unexpected texts can make someone feel really special. Frequently text your partner when he or she is least expecting it so that they feel like they are the priority.

  • Unexpected texts can be seen as an expression of affection.
  • It makes the other person believe that you are thinking about them even though they aren’t around you.
  • Such texts can help in reassuring your partner that they still have your attention.
  • Text your partner when you are at work or when you are supposed to be asleep.
  1. Resort to Expressing Love Over Calls

If you are in a long-distance relationship, soon your expression of love may boil down to just a text saying I love you. This is sure to cause trust and intimacy issues in your relationship.

  • Call your partner and express your love to him or her.
  • Tell your partner how they changed your life.
  • Tell your partner how forlorn your life has become since they left.
  • Express your love for your partner as vividly as possible over a call.
  1. Indulge in the Late Night Calls

There is something comforting about the darkness that makes people open up share feelings more vividly. In a long-distance relationship, it is important you capitalize on this.

  • Call your partner late at night when he or she is free.
  • Talk to them for hours overnight.
  • Call your partner late at night and say that you can’t sleep and then talk about your feelings.
  1. Talk about Common Topics

Conversations in long-distance relationships become an issue over time. Since you have been apart for a long time, it may become a little difficult to start conversations.

  • Talk about things that you both love talking about.
  • Find common ground and then initiate conversations based on that.
  • Ask your partner questions about his or her life and express interest in their answers.
  1. Tell Your Partner about Your Day

An important part of a long-distance relationship is telling your partner about how your day went. This makes your partner feel like he or she is still around you in person.

  • This practice sure to bring you closer to your partner.
  • Letting your partner know about your day will make him or her feel more involved in your life.
  • Telling your partner about your day will make them feel like you want them to be a part of your life.
  • Sharing details about your day will keep the conversation between you two flowing.
  1. Keep Your Partner Interested in You

Over time, it may so happen that your partner’s interest in you starts to fade. It’s important to see the warnings and act on them quickly.

  • Don’t take it personally; it is just the distance taking a toll on your relationship.
  • Try to determine the underlying causes behind it.
  • Talk to you partner about this but don’t make it into a heavy confrontation.
  • Your partner has a whole life which you are not a part of and that’s what is causing you both to drift apart.
  1. Deal with Any Problems that Arise Mutually

Long-distance relationships start falling apart because after a while both individuals start seeing themselves as individual entities. It is important to remember that you both are in this together as one unit.

  • Everyone has problems so make sure you share yours and listen to the ones your partner is facing.
  • Work together on finding possible solutions to the problems you both are facing.
  • Don’t keep any secrets from each other.
  1. Don’t Let Issues Fester

Another huge problem with long-distance relationships is that people start feeling that certain things can wait. This is the wrong attitude and will surely be detrimental to the relationship.

  • Don’t ignore issues that arise between you both.
  • Don’t postpone dealing with issues that you both are facing.
  • Don’t keep putting off important discussions until they become problematic.
  • Don’t suppress your opinions and what you feel and encourage your partner to open up as well.
  • Don’t put off discussions just because you feel that it will cause a fight between you two.
  1. Don’t Prolong Fights

Since your partner is away from you, there may be an increase in minor skirmishes between you two. However, make sure you don’t make these fights longer than they should be.

  • Distance can lead to prolonged fights since you both aren’t in front of each other.
  • You may have to be the bigger person and initiate the process of making amends.
  • Don’t make the fights bitter and personal.
  • Be mature in your approach towards your partner when you both are fighting.
  1. Don’t Block Your Partner if You’re Angry

Distance as it takes a heavy toll on relationships, but some people make it worse by blocking each other during fights. This is the worst thing you can do in a long-distance relationship.

  • Blocking someone makes them feel expendable.
  • Blocking your partner will surely infuriate them and cause a further magnification of issues.
  • Blocking them will prevent your partner from reaching out to you to make amends.
  • Blocking your partner will make the whole fight into an ego issue for sure.
  1. Don’t Intentionally Avoid Your Partner’s Calls

Long-distance relationships always have communication problems. These are worsened when they are downplayed by one partner.

  • Keep in mind that you must not avoid intentionally avoid your partner’s calls.
  • It may make them feel cut off or expendable.
  • Your partner may feel like you don’t want them anymore.


  • Long-distance relationships can be frustrating and can lead to many misunderstandings. Cut your partner some slack and give him or her the benefit of the doubt.
  • Make sure you don’t judge your partner too harshly. He or she may have some genuine reasons for their behavior so make sure you hear them out.

The pain of separation from you and work pressure can make your partner snap at you sometimes. Don’t take it personally and try to talk it out.

Do long distance relationships last?

Longdistance relationships can last until a couple find their way to be together or end their relationship. They can last a long time, but that doesn’t make them healthy, successful, or even worth it. Some couples persevere through the longdistance relationship just to break up shortly after their reunion.

How long can a long distance relationship survive?

Not all longdistance relationships crash and burn

While the average length of a relationship is approximately 7.3 years, a German study said that longdistance relationships tend to last less than half as long, or just under three years.

When to call it quits in a long distance relationship?

When to Call it Quits in a LongDistance Relationship? It’s time to call it quits in your longdistance relationship when your relationship is dysfunctional, unsolved problems accumulate, and you feel emotionally overwhelmed. When your longdistance relationship becomes toxic, it’s best to let it go.

Is Sexting good for long distance relationship?

If you’re in a longdistance relationship or your partner or spouse travels frequently, sexting may be your primary way to really be together on an intimate level. A dirty text can also be a great way to set the mood for a night ahead with a partner you live with and get to see everyday.

Does sexting bring you closer?

If you‘re in a new relationship, sexting will only bring you closer together if it’s a part of a broader spectrum of communication. It might feel like a fast-track to getting to know each other, but really nothing can replace face-to-face contact.

Should you talk everyday in a long distance relationship?

Don’t talk every day.

You might think talking every single day when you‘re in an LDR is a must. The truth is, experts say it’s really not necessary and might actually be harmful to your relationship. “You don’t need to be in constant communication,” Davis says.

How do you know if a guy loves you in a long distance relationship?

They know they’re miles away from you but they will do anything just to make you feel like they never left. They’ll always be there for you and even if they can’t always talk to you, they’ll make sure you‘re reminded every day that you are loved, that someone out there appreciates your existence.

Is it normal to lose feelings in a long distance relationship?

When a longdistance relationship lasts a long time, it’s normal for things can get a little bit boring occasionally. Either you or your partner may lose interest in your longdistance relationship. The critical thing to do is to understand the reason why you or your partner is losing interest.

Why do long distance relationships fail?

Some longdistance relationships fail because couples don’t have a plan for when they will be able to move in together. Others fail because of poor communication or a lack of physical intimacy. Clear and open communication will help you solve problems and maintain an emotional connection.

What percentage of long distance relationships break up?

About 40% of couples in longdistance relationships break up; around 4.5 months into the relationship is the time when couples most commonly start having problems. Also 70% of couples in a longdistance relationship break up due to unplanned circumstances and events.

Can distance affect a relationship?

Lack of Physical intimacy: Distance definitely affects physical intimacy among partners. LDR partners might face issues with managing physical intimacy between them as meeting each other frequently may not be possible. In other words, long-distance is not necessarily linked with reduced emotional and sexual intimacy.

Why is long distance so hard?

LDRs require a huge amount of open, straight-forward communication to properly work, and this can often be difficult to manage over the phone. Heck, it’s hard to manage in person! It can also be hard to establish boundaries and the right amount of communication if you’re doing long distance for the first time.