If you are switching phones and are doing the transfer yourself, here are the essential steps outlined that can help you organize and transfer data without losing anything and gaining access to your data and apps in the new phone right away.

  1. Explore your Old Phone

At the time of transferring your data and SIM card to a new phone, go through the different directories and apps on your old phone to decide what you need to keep and the different locations where personal data is stored. These could be browser settings, contacts, programs, and folders. If you have allowed Google or Apple to manage your contacts, emails, calendars then these will show up on your new phone as soon as you sign in. This is mainly possible since all data is saved on a cloud. Regarding the data stored in the phone folders, you could decide the ones you wish to keep and upload the same onto a cloud service.

  1. Automatic Backup of Data

Most IOS and Android OS based phones have backup tools built in. These allow one to easily backup data they need onto a computer or a cloud service. In Android phones one can go to Settings, open up Systems and find Backup feature. In the case of Apple devices, the Settings section has Apple ID through which you can log into iCloud. It is also possible to create a backup through iTunes on your computer to which you connect your iPhone. With the backup tools, you can ensure that most of the contents on your old phone such as videos, photos, call history and browser settings are copied and saved.

  1. Backing up Apps

The third party apps that you used on your old phone can be checked to see if they have backup options. If you are unsure and are handing over the phone to another person, it is best to remove the apps from your old device and download the same on your new one, registering your details in the new phone all over again. It is also important to delete all important information from your old phone before you hand it over or sell it to others.

  1. Manual Backup

This is another option to explore or simply to be sure that you have all the data you need from your old phone. In case you have games which have your hard earned scores saved and cannot be backed up on a cloud. You can also transfer drives and folders and save them on the hard disk of your computer.

  1. Making Shift between Apple and Google

This is the hard part when you are trying to switch platforms. Hence, it is best to have the data that is important saved manually on a hard disk of a computer. There are official guides provided by both platforms to make such switches. Have the data in the respective cloud services saved to ensure that you have access to them as and when required.

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