It is important to take good care of your latest tattoo. The important step is to speed up the healing process and prevent it from any kind of infection.  If it is not taken care, it may not only damage the tattoo but also a risk for a skin infection and affect the skin. One must be careful while getting a tattoo and take proper care afterward until it has healed.

  1. Rest the Bandage

Rest the bandage for at least an hour.  It should not be kept for greater than 5 hours. Before rebandaging consult an expert or someone having knowledge of it. The first two weeks are important after having a tattoo done.

  1. Rise with Soap

After removing the bandage, make sure to rinse it in hot water and a mild, unscented, liquid soap. When using the liquid soap, make sure that it is clean as even dirty soaps can cause some sorts of infections.

  1. Let it Dry

Let it free and dry for some time and make sure to pat for some time, say an hour. You have to let it be completely dry before you apply the aftercare.

  1. Apply Cream

Apply a small layer of the cream prescribed for a tattoo. It is recommended not to use a lot of it as it contains a high amount of petroleum. It is important to have a fragrance free lotion as others may have little additives that may cause irritation on the skin.  For healthy healing, it is important that the skin receives a sufficient amount of air and can breathe. This helps to avoid pores to clog.

  1. Clean Further

Take proper care of your tattoo by cleaning it with water and soap. This helps in healing.

  1. Let it come off

The healing process is also dependent on how your tattoo looks and so the above-mentioned steps have to be repeated for around two weeks. After a few days, it will come off like sunburn. There may even be scabs on few areas but let those things come off automatically. Do not touch or pick any of the parts.  Also, take care that you don’t oversaturated them in the shower. This may result in its softening and can cause more skin damage, leaving blank spots on your tattoo.

  1. Avoid Contact with the Sun and Other External Factors

While healing of tattoo occurs, one must take proper care and avoid going in the direct contact of the sun, swimming pools, jacuzzis, ocean or any kind of soaking into the water.

  1. Apply Sunblock

Once that tattoo has been healed, apply sunblock on it to keep it look shiny and new.  Make sure that you buy only those sunblocks that have been certified for use on the skin depending on your condition. Using the wrong sunblocks can cause infections.

  1. Take Care Regularly

It is very important to look after your skin. Your skin is like a glass on which you have a picture. So take good care of your skin and the tattoo as well.

  1. Visit the Tattoo Artist

The healing occurs in about two weeks. After that you may visit your artist once, to get checked if your tattoo needs some kind of touch up. This may have a nominal fee or may be a part of the original fee that you pay. Thus, in this way you can take good care of your tattoo, speeding up the healing process and minimizing any damage to your skin. Enjoy your tattoo and flaunt it to glory, but remember to take care regularly.