The Velcro was a wonderful invention that has found its use in modern days too.

The ability to quickly tie the shoes is not required rather your kids can just strap the Velcro and get goingIf it were not for dexterity, kids would have had no difficulty in understanding the task and get going in no timeHere are a few ways you can help your kid tie their shoelaces easily.

  1. Instruct your Kids what to Pay Attention

First, start by telling them the basics of wearing a shoe. They learn to tell apart different shoes they have and how to wear them. They learn to pay attention to you and listen to what you are talking about. It is often seen that the kids either get lost watching what is being done or just listening and looking at you and not to what you are showing. It is difficult, but with practice, it is possible to coach them to pay attention.

Also, take the help of dexterity. Using their fingers to hold the shoelace eventually goes to holding a pencil and pen among other things. It happens naturally and parents pay attention to it and let them learn how to do it by practice.

  1. Start with a Shoe and Soft Laces

It is certain that the kids will mess up and tie the laces in a wrong way that is too difficult to undo. The use of soft laces allows them to hold them properly because they are easy on the fingers. The ones with very thin or small are most difficult to get to and can be really difficult to learn. Also, start with a pair of sneakers or shoes they wear. Starting with men’s boots or women’s boots is not a good thing. The kids’ shoes are designed to be easy to handle, move around, and put the laces through the holes and so on. The color makes them also easy to see when tying them.

  1. Try with Bunny Ears Method

This is one of the most widely documented methods you can see online. The two bunny ears help a child tie their first square knot which is the easiest of the knots. This is also the beginning of the bunny method. To get an in-depth look, ask them to watch online videos and sit with them explaining to them what is happening. After several sessions of watching, sit with them with a shoe and explain them to do it on their own. This is really useful because it also teaches them to see and imitate. It helps them understand things on their own by trial and attempt.

  1. Show Them by Wearing Them First

Start to teach them how to tie the lace after they have put it on. Tell them to put the socks properly, and then the shoes. Now, having put it on, show them how they can either sit on a chair or on the floor where they can find comfortable to tie the shoelace.

  • Once done with the location and the position, start with the tying instructions.
  • You can now ask them to do the bunny method first.
  • Instruct them when they are doing it wrong and encourage them when they did a step right.

This gives them a guiding hand because they will seem to be confuse with following the steps from memory. Finally, it is up to your child to follow and pick up one of the ways. You shall see them learning to pick one soon.

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