It is an established fact that women of the Libra sign are considered to be most beautiful among the zodiacs and are simply breath-taking. It is a difficult task to know whether a Libra likes you or not as she may drop only a few hints about who she likes. When a Libra woman likes you, she may possibly drop the following hints:

  1. She will be Attentive Towards Her Dressing Style

When a Libra likes someone, she pays close attention to small things and details about what it takes to impress someone.

  • Understand that she will drop hints which are easily noticeable to make you know that she might have an eye on you.
  • She will wear such kind of clothes that will make her look different from all other women in your life, just to gain your attention as to how beautifully can she compliment you.
  • She will be dressed perfectly according to the occasion and her efforts will be visible from her attire.
  1. She won’t Stop Smiling When Near You

A Libra woman will never be able to control her laughter or her blushing when around someone she likes.

  • She will find it extremely hard to not smile when near you and such is a clearly visible proof as to how she feels about you.
  • IT is a known fact that the eyes do not lie and if a Libra is attracted to you, her smile will be displayed in her eyes.
  • She may appear shy but it is only due to the fact that she is trying to hide her feelings.
  1. She will Allow You Inside Her Universe

Any Libra female is extremely personal about her life and will never let any other person break into her world.

  • If she likes you, she will definitely allow you to know her secrets and will tell you her deepest desires.
  • She may ask personal questions as to how would you have tackled a certain situation in her life.
  • She won’t forcefully put forward her personal issues upon you till such a point where you won’t be able to handle the mess.
  1. She will Always Feel Protective of You

If she is interested in you, she will always be protective of you in different ways.

  • A Libra woman will always treat you respectfully and will never treat you in an undesired manner.
  • If ever you are hurt, she will be there to listen to you and to guide you to ease your pain.
  • She will allow you to do thing according to your wish but will always keep an eye on the fact that nothing ever goes way too wrong so that you may not be able to handle it.
  1. She will Always Keep a Check on You

A female Libra will always keep a track of your routine and will always be updated on your day to day life.

  • She will inform you about every little detail of her life and ask you the same.
  • She will always know your routine and how you go about with your life.
  • She will be there waiting for you at the end of every day whether good or bad.
  1. She will Start Praising You

All women love to be complimented regardless of the amount. But in the case of a female Libra, who likes you, she will ensure that she showers you with compliments.

  • She will complement those habits and features about you which she likes.
  • She won’t let you feel beneath her or unattractive in any way in terms of looks ore presentation when with her.
  • In order to concretize her hints, she may even start flirting.
  1. She will Want You to Spend More Time with Her than When You were Friends

When she is interested in you, she will gradually want to spend more time with you. She may also seem possessive regarding you from time to time when she feels that she is insecure whether you like her or not.

  • She will begin to make plans in order to spend more time with you.
  • If ever her share of attention is taken away from her, she will be extremely jealous of it but will act so as to hide it, though it will be clearly visible.
  • If ever a plan is canceled, you will see that she will get upset about it, even more than someone who usually is.
  1. She will be Proud to Show You off

Whenever a Libra lady likes you, she will always show off as if you are a diamond. She will make it a point to make important people in her life know you.

  • You will be taken as her partner in parties and will be made to meet her friends.
  • Nobody else’s opinion will change the way she feels about you.
  • She will make it a point to introduce you to her family and ensure that you are accepted by them.
  1. A Surprise Element will be Seen

A woman loves to surprise her man. It’s a way of showing their romantic side according to them. When a Libra girl likes you, she will begin to surprise you.

  • She will try and meet you out of the blue.
  • She will begin by giving you occasional gifts so that you feel appreciated and loved in her life. The gifts will always be according to your liking.
  • She will start pampering and will take you to dates. This is one of the biggest signs.
  1. She will Directly Tell You about the Way She Feels

After a certain amount of time, all want to stop with the wooing and attracting part and start to be with the person they admire.

  • She will begin to ask personal questions about her behavior and work and how would you expect her to act.
  • She will start telling you and emphasize your importance in her life and that she is happy to have you. She will make sure that you do not go into the friend zone.
  • She will begin to show anger when she feels that the same is not received by her from you and will be all distant.
  1. She will Begin to be Comfortable

In the initial stages of the relationship, she will put forward her best form and personality in front of you.

  • She will no more dress the excellent way she earlier used to and will rather want you to accept her in her worst.
  • She will now take an active part in your life and will openly share her opinions about situations where you have no clear idea about your own interests.
  • The efforts now put by her will be subtle but will be more significant. She will definitely put in more efforts in the relationship but will never try and compete with your level.
  1. She will Never Let the Past Interfere with Her Present being with You

She will not accept it if you take the burden of her previous relationships with you.

  • She will not pester you about your relationships with other girls or your ex’s.
  • If she feels that your past relationships did not go well, rather than being upset she will let you see the bright side.
  • She will expect from you to accept her way she is and the way she feels about you.
  1. She will Ensure that You are Comfortable with Dating Her

Any Libra woman will not expect from you that you will date her immediately. She will give you the required time.

  • She will be more of a friend.
  • She will appear more involved with your issues after she truly accepts you.
  • She will make sure that you are an integral part of her world and will initiate the relationship.


  • All in all a Libra is worth waiting when it comes to dating. If you are her boyfriend she will be the best possible person for you.
  • When she is interested, she will be with you through good or bad. Even if she has reasons to move on, she will stick around. She will be there, always.
  • She is careful regarding her personal life and to understand if she is interested in you, you will have to snatch those hints from the way she behaves when she is around you.