Bowling is a simple game. It is highly enjoyable. People of all ages entertain themselves when they play bowling with their friends and families. It is important to grip the ball accurately so that you know how to throw the ball perfectly and have a straight shot.

In today’s article, you will learn how to throw a bowling ball. Indeed, it is a rewarding game and if you master the throwing skills, you will enjoy the game seeing more pins going down. Read on!

Here are the basic tips to throw a bowling ball. You need to follow the basics given below to have an accurate shot.

Bowling Gear

If you want to have an accurate shot at the pins, you need to equip yourself. Wear proper gear. For example, you can buy bowling shoes. Also, a good ball is important if you have a bowling alley at home. A pair of gloves is also useful. When you have this gear, you are ready to take the shot and hit the lane.

Mark the Spot

It is important to follow a regular order, especially when you strike the shot. Consistency is key. Don’t try different throwing methods. Choose a ball and hit straight. Mark a spot and follow it.


Make your foot and arm coordinate with each other. Swing your arm and release the ball. Calculate the timing and start throwing the ball. It is a good first step to throw the ball. Timing takes time and you have to practice more and more to adjust your timing.

Hand Position

Use your stronger hand to take the shot. Turn your wrist and hand to throw the ball in a hooking manner. Allow the ball to the backswing. You can do this by releasing the ball in a handshake position. In contrast, keep your wrist and hand straight if you want to take the shot straight.

Speed & Target

A precise throwing approach requires you to combine your power, hand position, and timing. Throw the ball accurately and release it when the ball passes your ankles. Don’t throw it above your ankles. Otherwise, you will have an accurate shot. Depending on your approach, you can either throw the ball using a handshake method or a palm-up position.

You need to take care of the speed as well. Experts recommend throwing the ball at 20 Km/h speed and this is the only way to knock all the pins down. Again, accuracy comes with practice. So, you need to practice more.

Remember to score more and you can do this by keeping your eyes on the reward or score. Competition is important. This allows you to take shots accurately. Carefully observe the lane marks. They guide you on how to throw the ball precisely and knock down the pins.

Precise Action

Bowling is a great sport. However, this is a game that requires you to work on your holding angle, throwing speed, and power of the shot. The right combination of all these three elements can make a perfect strike.