eBay is a major platform for selling and buying items directly from the first party. And, for individuals, it matters to track their shipments all along. Here is how you can do it.

How to Track eBay Orders on App?

Tracking your items must be as simple as possible, but when they are shipped by individuals using third-party courier services, this may get difficult without tracking number support. Here is what tracking your item means on eBay.

  • If the seller is using a tracking service, only then you can see the status of your item. Also, sometimes sellers forget to upload the tracking information, the tracking number, in which case eBay cannot help.
  • You can track your item by logging into your account, and also as a guest. There are two separate links on the webpage above.
  • As a seller, you can track the items you have sold on eBay easily. Here is an article on how to do it. There are options for different steps, that is, marking items as shipped, using my eBay or seller hub.
  • As a buyer, you can check your notification email. There you will find the ‘Track Order’ button if the above criteria were satisfied by the seller. This takes you to the carrier’s website and looks up your shipment.
  • On your app, you can go to my eBay, and click on ‘Purchase History’ from the left panel. Then, below your order, you can see a tracking number with an estimated delivery date. Clicking on it brings up the details.

How to Track eBay Orders as Guest?

It is also possible to track your items even if you’re not a member of eBay. In this case, you won’t be able to ‘Log-In’ or use the eBay app for this. But, you have to solely rely on your email notification in your inbox.

  • As mentioned above, click on the ‘Track Order’ button. But, if you have not received any email, go to https://www.eBay.com/help/guest-order and lookup using your email address used during purchase.
  • You will receive an email after submitting a request to send you the details. This guest order email will have a link with a button that says ‘View Order’, and an access code. On the clicking on this and going to the next page, you can see tracking options if available.
  • It is always possible to contact the seller directly and ask them for the tracking information if they have not uploaded it yet. Logged in as a guest member, you can do it too.
  • Go to your ‘More’ options and it brings up contact seller. This asks you to give a reason, and you can give I didn’t receive my item and click on ‘Contact the Seller’.

How to Track International eBay Orders?

Finally, there is something you can do both as a guest and eBay members, that is, using PayPal tracking service. Another method for eBay tracking is to use a PayPal account if you used it to pay for the item.

  • You can sort through recent activity for the transaction and if it’s available, you can see a link called ‘Track Shipment’ below it. This also takes you directly to the carrier’s website.
  • For international tracking, you will use the tracking information just like the above. The seller must upload them using GSP, Global Shipping Program, which is best for international logistics.
  • Here is an article (http://parcelsapp.com/en/shops/eBay) on this whole thing that gives more details on carriers for international shipping.


The top takeaway is that you can only be able to track your item if the seller uses a tracked service and uploads the tracking number.

How do I track my order from eBay?

Track your order

You can also check your order’s delivery status in your Purchase history – opens in new window or tab. If the seller is using a tracked service, you’ll see the item’s tracking number as a link next to the item.

Do all eBay orders have tracking?

You can track an eBay order and follow along as your purchase makes its way to you, as long as the seller has provided tracking information. eBay shippers are not required to offer tracking information, but at a minimum, you will be able to see the seller’s processing time and an expected range of delivery dates.

Can you track a package with an order number?

Can I track a package with the order number? Usually, no. The tracking number and order number are two different numbers. The buyers can only track their package thanks to a tracking number, it is not possible to track a parcel with the order number.

How do you track a package without a tracking number?

The first way for a shipper to track a package with no tracking number is to track by reference number. It works like this: When creating a shipment, the shipper has an opportunity to assign a reference number to the package. This could be the purchase order number or a simple description of the goods.

Can I track a parcel with my address?

Can I track a parcel by address? No, you need a tracking or reference number to track an item sent via Royal Mail or Parcelforce Worldwide. You can only track an item if you’ve bought a service that includes a tracking or reference number. If not, you can‘t use proof of postage to track your item.

How do I track a package by address?

Visit https://reg.usps.com/entreg/RegistrationAction_input. Fill out the form with your personal information and address. Creating an account will give you access to a variety of USPS tools, including online tracking for select packages that you send or receive through USPS.

Can I see if a package is coming to my address?

The US Postal Service offers a free service named “Informed Delivery.” It’s an online dashboard that automatically informs you about mail and packages being sent to your address, and it also provides email notifications. When you sign up for this service, USPS is just sharing the data it’s already collecting with you.

How can I check mail before it arrives?

How to sign up
  1. Go to informeddelivery.usps.com.
  2. Click on “View My Mail.”
  3. If you already have a personal usps.com® account, sign in. If not, create an account.
  4. Once signed in, go to My Preferences. Under Account Management, you will see a box for Informed Delivery. Click “Manage Your Mail.”

Can I see if a package is coming to my address FedEx?

With your tracking number, you can access the delivery city and signature information by clicking on the ‘Track’ button on fedex.com/ae. If you need further detailed delivery information, please call FedEx Customer Service at 800 FedEx (800 33339).

How can you track a package without a tracking number by FedEx?

If you don’t have access to a tracking number you can track your shipments online by the reference number assigned to your shipment. You can also use FedEx InSight®to track packages without a tracking number. FedEx InSight® is a value-added service that can provide eligible customers with a new level of visibility.

How do I track my order?

Use the tracking number
  1. Find the order you want to track.
  2. If you see multiple orders, select View order to see details.
  3. Find the shipment you want to track.
  4. Click Track shipment.

How do I find a tracking number?

Identify your tracking number in your email or product receipt. Check your shipping confirmation to find the unique tracking number assigned to your order. It should be clearly displayed somewhere in the body of the email. Once you know your tracking number, getting shipping updates is a breeze.

Can the post office find my tracking number if I lost the receipt?

Care Center agents and local Post Offices do not have a way to recover lost tracking numbers. Local Post Offices and Care Center agents do not have a way to recover lost tracking numbers. If the recipient is a current Informed Delivery subscriber, they will be able to see the tracking number on their dashboard.

What is UPSN?

United Parcel Service United States (UPSN)

What does a tracking number look like?

Tracking numbers consist of letters and numbers typically between 8 and 40 characters long sometimes with spaces or hyphens between groupings of characters. When shown on a receipt after shipping a package the tracking number is usually close to the barcode.

How do you know if a tracking number is real?

Look at the email carefully and confirm that you actually ordered before taking any action. Instead of clicking on a link, go to the shipper’s website and manually key in the tracking number to confirm it’s real. If the price seems too good to be true, there’s probably something wrong.

How do you use a tracking number?

Using a Tracking Number

Go to the website of the shipper, such as UPS.com for United Parcel Service. In the specified space, enter the tracking number found on your receipt, which may have as many as 35 digits. Follow the instructions, clicking for instance Track or Find.