Contacts present on our phone are very important for us.

Sometime there could be a problem with the phone and we want to transfer themThere are methods through which you can copy contacts which are in one iPhone to another like you can copy with the help of free iOS data transfer toolThere are various methods which can be used and we tried to explain them along with their featuresWhichever you think is according to your need choose the one and apply it with your iPhones.

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Features of MobiMover

It supports the transfer of all the contacts at once. In case you want to move the contacts from one iPhone to the other all at once, then you can do it easily by using a completely free iOS data transfer tool, this will not only help in transferring the contacts but also take care of the speed. Just you need to install MobiMover on your PC or Mac, you will be able to transfer files within these two iOS devices or we can say within iOS device and computer. Apart from the contacts, it is helpful in:

  • Audio: Voice Memo, Music, Audio Books, and Ringtones.
  • Photos: Photo Library, Camera Roll, Photo Video and Photo Stream.
  • Videos: TV Shows, Movies, Music Videos.
  • Others: Voicemails, Messages, Books, and Many More.

MobiMover also used as a video downloader and a free iPhone content manager which will bring you great ease as and when you wish to download the online videos on to the iPhone/to your computer or iPad.

Steps to Transfer Contacts are as Follows without Using iCloud

At times it happens due to some reason that you want to get the contacts from one phone to another phone. Though it is not a difficult task you should be familiar with the steps.

  • The first thing you need to do is to get connect with your new iPhone and your old iPhone with USB cables and your computer. After this just run the EaseUS MobiMover by selecting the device> select the contacts. One can get to copy the contacts by just clicking on the transfer feature.
  • Choose the transfer to the different device button in order to transfer the contacts from one iPhone to iPhone. There is a difference stated between the custom transfer and the click transfer is that the custom transfer will allow you to copy items wherelse the click transfer will straight away transfer the contacts. 
  • Once you have clicked the button then you should choose the target iPhone, it could be your iPhone 8, or any other model. The function of MobiMover will start by transferring contacts which are in one iPhone to another. After the process is over you can check it whether contacts are there or not. 
  • Apart from transferring the contacts, there are various other functions also which can be performed as you can even save the messages to your computer, you can easily put the music to iPhone and can look for photos. For doing all this you need to have a tool EaseUS MobiMover to perform a certain task.

How to Transfer Contacts with the Help of iCloud?

You get a facility of transferring contacts from one iPhone to another through iCloud services. Same as you did with AirDrop, you can do it with iCloud also for transferring the contacts from one iPhone to other. In order to perform this, you should be sure that your devices connected must have a Wi-Fi network and space in iCloud storage – should be enough. Though, using iCloud you can do the task easily with these following steps:

  • First go to the “Settings App” in your iPhone where you wish to transfer the contacts from. This step is the foremost things you have to do o proceed further.
  • Move to [your name] > iCloud along with turning on the “Contacts” option. It is an important thing to do as if it remains off it will not let the procedure to proceed.
  • Once you have opened the “Settings App” on to the iPhone where the import of contacts will take place. It will let you move further in the procedure easily.
  • Just click on the [your name] > iCloud > move to the Contacts. This is almost the final stage of the process.
  • As soon as the prompt will appear you will be asked to what has to do with the existing contacts in target iPhone, just click on “Merge”.

How to Get the Contacts from iPhone to Mac with the Help of iCloud?

As iCloud is being an essential element of an Apple device, mostly the users want to know as what is the way through which you can get contacts from the iPhone to Mac through iCloud. It is by default, that Apple gives around 5 GB iCloud storage space which is totally free for the entire user. Apart from this if you need more you are always welcome to buy more of the space, this is required so that the contacts and the files can be kept in a handy form.

There are few steps to be followed so as to import the contacts from the iPhone to Mac with the use of iCloud, these steps are:

  • The foremost thing you have to keep in mind while importing contacts from iPhone to Mac through iCloud is to make sure that the phone should be synced with the iCloud account. Move to the Settings options > iCloud, be sure that the option of “iCloud Drive” should be on.
  • Moreover, you can also go to the iCloud settings and allow the contacts as well. By doing this it will make the device’s contacts getting sync with iCloud.
  • After this, in order to transfer the contacts to Mac from iPhone, you just need to move to System preferences which are there in Mac and open the iCloud app. This step will make you closer to your objective.
  • When the iCloud app will be opened you will see an option of “Contacts”. Now, this feature of the phone should be on. If in case it is not on then enables it and save the changes.
  • By performing all the above-stated steps it will automatically sync iCloud contacts along with Mac. Afterward in order to check you can see the address book.

Few Things keep in Mind

The devices must have an internet connection. To do any task it requires an internet connection only. The contacts option should be on as when you are taking up an action. See carefully the different options on your phone whether they are on or off.

  • You should be sure that the space on iCloud is enough to perform the task. iCloud space can be used for storage which will ease your work and whenever you want the files you can easily access them from the iCloud.
  • As stated above are, the most efficient methods to get the contacts transfer from one iPhone to other iPhone. When being compared with, EaseUS MobiMover it will provide you the freedom where you can choose the items and also you will save time in the process.

From the above-stated methods use the method which suits you the best you have to choose that. All the methods are easy to perform; the only thing to keep in mind is to follow the steps carefully. The procedure has instructions to follow if any instruction not followed correctly will lead to the failure of the action.


Thus in the last but not the least iCloud has made things easy for us. It has a wide space in which multiple tasks can be performed very easily. You can also learn the procedures through various YouTube videos which are present on the net these days. Anyone can access them freely.

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