We wouldn’t be fascinated by the tale of one of the fabled creatures of the sea: mermaids.

They can live underwater and has a voice that will capture almost anyone’s attention in the worldIt’s safe to say that at one point in each young girl’s life, she aspired to become a mermaid-likeBesides, with the popularity of different animated series and attention-catching tales, there’s no doubt that mermaids are one of the well-known mythical creatures in the world.

For thousands of years, the human race tried to take a glimpse and prove that the existence of mermaids is real. However, no evidence can prove their existence, after so many years. Some fake evidence has been studied and debunked. And with the extent of technology right now, if there are real mermaids, we would have captured the evidence of their existence already. Thus, the mermaids do still live only in the imagination of people.

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But that doesn’t mean that you can’t become a mermaid. Being a mermaid is more of living a lifestyle close to what we have learnt from the myths and fables all around the world. Let’s embody the interesting traits and characteristics of mermaids with the tips and tricks evaluated below.

The fabled mermaids: Things you need to know

Mermaids (or merman for the male version) is a human-like marine creature with distinctive characteristics of having a fishtail instead of a pair of legs. In most tales, mermaids or Sirens have very long hair, beautiful voice, and natural-looking glowing skin. According to some European folklore, the mermaids are natural beings that have a command of the sea and can entice other people to live with them. A lot of folklore states that mermaids have magical and prophetic powers, too.

Even if mermaids and merman are mythical, it doesn’t mean that you can’t live like one. You don’t have to live inside the water to become like a mermaid. If you’re really into it, you can put mermaid’s greatest features in real life by adopting a certain lifestyle. Ready for a mermaid moment? Here’s how you can enjoy the inner mermaid in you.

Things you can do to feel like a mermaid

  1. Get your hair long enough

One of the notable traits found in any mermaid tale is their long, wavy hair floating in the water. It’s no secret for all mermaid enthusiasts that these folklore creatures have a great hair care regimen. Usually, they adorn their hair with different sea-related accessories like pearls and shells.

You can make your hair grow long faster by getting a good hair care regimen, such as brushing your hair before you sleep. We recommend that you should eat the right food like protein-rich fish, beans, and whole grains. Avoid styling tools that use heat in the application. You might also need to skip the shampoo once in a while to let your natural oil grow and repair your hair.

  1. Wear a dress with cool ocean color

We recommend using things and wearing clothes that are in cool ocean color for the mermaid-themed lifestyle. You can dress up with fashion-centered ocean colors. But you don’t really have to use blue and its shades all the time. You can also use colors like sandy brown, turquoise, or white for the ultimate ocean setup.

You can also use a flashy mermaid costume on special occasions, such as dressing in a mermaid-inspired costume during Halloween. A t-shirt with simple seashell designs or a skirt with wavy etchings would also work for casual wear. Remember to take it easy and don’t go overboard, or you might alienate the people around you.

  1. Learn how to sing

Mermaids are also popular as exceptionally good singers. They can sing with conviction and can lure people into the ocean with just their powerful voice. If you can sing decently, you can practice more on your voice. You will be astounded on how a simple improvement via breathing session can change the way you sound when you sing.

But how about the unfortunate people who don’t have a decent singing voice? You can still enjoy singing like a mermaid, but you might want to invest more into your singing practice. Remember, there’s always an area for improvement for everyone who has dedication.

  1. Swim more

You can’t really be considered a mermaid aficionado if you don’t have the love for swimming as mermaids do. Be speedy like a fish in the ocean and graceful like a mermaid by practicing your swimming skills. Besides, you can also keep your body in shape and fit by doing something that you really appreciate as a mermaid fan.

  1. Get involved in taking care of the ocean.

And last but not least, participate in making the ocean better, cleaner, and more sustainable by joining causes that help clean it. You can do so via small things like conserving water, reducing the pollutants (avoid using chemical-heavy products), throwing your plastic trash at the right container, and fishing responsibly.

If you got the time, you could also help with cleaning efforts for beaches and other water bodies. Don’t remove corals and destroy rock formations while cleaning, and avoid buying items that contributes to marine life exploitation. Mermaids are popular for being a protector of the sea, and so you can do it, too!

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