With Google Voice, you can turn on and off your handset, do search queries and more. However, if you wish to turn this ‘Ok Google’ feature off, here is how to go about it.

Turn off Google Voice Assistant

The assistant is the major feature from Google that allows handsfree operation, search, and more. It also has a different voice, such as male and female and different region-wise voice. When you feel like you do not need it or it is bugging you unnecessarily, here is how to disable it.

  • Open your Google app on your smartphone by tapping on it, and then go to menu by tapping on the hamburger icon.
  • Tap on ‘Settings’ and then tap on ‘Voice’. Now, tap on ‘Ok Google’ detection, and then you can find the options or the toggle switch.
  • Tap on it to disable it. When you want it back, just tap on it and re-enable it. However, you can also reach the same place from another way.
  • Simply drag and pull down on the home screen, and you see the status bar. Then, tap on ‘Settings’ on there and scroll to find accessibility settings from the list.
  • Tap on ‘Voice Assistant’ and this will enable/disable the assistant based on your preference. This is a toggle called ‘On/Off’ written.

How to Stop Google Voice?

The idea behind turning off and stopping the Google Voice Assistant is similar. When you are turning off the assistant, you are also turning it off for other things. But, if you wish to just turn off ‘Ok Google’ or disable its detection and trigger, you can do just that. You can even turn off the voice assistant completely, with or without ‘Ok Google’.

  • You can go to settings, on an Android device, and then go to the general tab.
  • Now, under this tab, look for Personal, and under this look for language and input.
  • Now, find Google Voice typing and then tap on the ‘Settings’, the cogwheel button/icon nearby.
  • Then, tap on ‘Ok Google’ detection, and from under the from the Google app option, move the slider to the left, and you are done.
  • This step will probably remain very much similar on iOS devices like the iPhone and iPad as well.

Turn off Google Voice Search

The Google Voice search is an intelligent feature that recognizes your voice, and then recognizes the worlds you speak to identify them, and then type them on your search bar. This makes working with Google seamless in a manner, and then you can do handsfree calls, search and more.

  • To turn it on or enable it, if not already, go to your Google app on your phone, tap on it to launch it.

  • At the bottom-right tap on ‘…’ which is vertical dots in iOS, and expand the menu bar.
  • Go to ‘Settings>Voice’, and from under ‘Ok Google’, tap on ‘Voice Match’.
  • Then, turn on access with voice match to allow the process. To turn this off, instead, toggle the slider/button.


On some devices, the trigger word is not ‘Ok Google’ but ‘Hey Google’, but the steps largely remain the same.

How do I remove Google Voice from my Android?

Go to your phone’s Settings, choose Apps. Next, scroll down to find Google Voice, and tap on it. Then select the option to Uninstall. This will remove Google Voice from your phone.

How do I turn off voice assistant?

How To Turn Off Google Assistant:
  1. Open the Google app on your phone;
  2. Go to More at the bottom right of your screen;
  3. Go to Settings;
  4. Go to Google Assistant;
  5. Scroll down to Assistant Devices. Select all devices on which you want to turn off Google Assistant;
  6. Tap the Google Assistant toggle to turn the feature off.

How do I turn off voice on my phone?

To stop Voice Access, you can do any of the following actions: Touch anywhere on the screen. Say “Stop listening.” Turn the screen off.

How do I turn off voice assistant on Android?

How do I turn off voice assist on Samsung?

How do I turn off voice assistant on ps5?

How do you turn a PS5 off?

Press and hold the power button

Press and hold the button for one beep and your PS5 will go into rest mode. Wait for the second beep and it’ll completely shut down.

How do you change your voice on PS5?

How do I make my PS5 my primary console?

How do I set PS5 as primary?

To set a primary PS5 on PS5, you have to hit X on the Settings icon located at the top of the UI. Look for Users and Accounts and hit X. Scroll down and look for Other and Console Sharing and Offline Play, then hit X again.

Can you Gameshare with more than one person PS5?

If you want to share your main account’s games to another PS5 console, have that other person run through the steps on their own console and enable it on your account instead of theirs.

How will the PS5 controller look like?

The grips, face buttons, and touch pad are all a pure white, while the shoulder buttons and the lower middle of the pad are black. The DualSense controller is also a little bigger than we’re used to, resembling the design employed by the Xbox Series X controller.

Can you have 2 users on PS5?

Creating multiple accounts

Turn on your PS5. On the Welcome screen, either select your account or select Add User. If selecting Add User, hit Get Started when prompted to “Add a user to this PS5.” Agree to PlayStation’s licensing agreement and hit Confirm.

How many times can you Gameshare PS5?

According to a new report, players can access their accounts on up to two PS4s while also being logged in on a PS5 at the same time. Players will be able to play games from the same library as long as they are connected to the internet.

What will PS5 cost?

The PS5 price comes in at $499 (£449 / AU$749.95) – the same cost as the Xbox Series X price. That shouldn’t come as a surprise to many, seeing as it’s difficult to imagine the PS5 price exceeding $500 when it’s up against the affordable spread put out by Microsoft.