There are times in life when everything goes with the flow and there comes one hurdle which spoils our entire effort.

Doesn’t it? Well, take the same scenario at schoolWhile you are researching and digging data’s from the internet at your school and all of a sudden the most needed website shows up as- blocked.

  1. Trim Down the URL

When a mouse and giraffe faces the elephant, who do think will be the first one to escape? You are right it’s obviously the mouse, because of its tiny little micro size. The same trick is applied in this case. Just shorten up your giraffe-sized URL into a tiny mouse by using various freely available tools such as Bitly, TinyURL etc., and then you are good to slip past that blocked website. Let’s see the procedure with the proper steps to be undertaken.

  • Copy the lengthy URL of the blocked website. Paste it in the Bitly/Tiny URL tab and click convert.
  • Now you are good to go. Paste the trimmed up URL in your browsing and wait for the miracle to happen.
  1. HTTPS to Your Rescue

Remember the “S” in “HTTPS” in your URL box. That can actually come to your rescue. The “s” here means secured connection.

  • It gives great relief when we are in a site that loads up our private information. Example, Facebook Amazon etc.
  • Some sites directly redirect you to the HTTPS like on Facebook or YouTube. So you don’t have to do much work here.
  • This method may not give sure shot result every time. But it’s defiantly worth to give a try.
  1. Translate it

There are certain websites like Google translator and Microsoft Translator which can work as your secret weapon. The main function of such tools is to translate one language to another. We would have used it many times when we are stuck up with some unknown words. So how can this help you in accessing that blocked website? It’s simple, just follow the steps below.

  • Open up the translator tool. Type the desired URL which you want to unblock. Now you will find a link in the translation output. Just simply click on the same.
  • Now you will be redirected to that website, but this time the chances are high that the block monster will miss out on the page because of different URL structure.
  • This method works best for websites filled with text and is not much suitable for a website containing videos.
  • There is also another way to fool the block monster with different URL structure that is by simply clicking on the cached version of it.
  1. Let PDF do its Work

We all know about our very humble and old friend the “PDF”. Don’t you think it is so comfortable and pleasing to read in PDF rather than reading in a website filled up with annoying advertisements? It’s also so easy to save, share and reread at any time. So wouldn’t it be great if the very old PDF comes to your rescue when you are stuck up with Block monster? Sounds great right? Then follow the steps below and achieve the same.

  • The first step is to sign up/purchase some well-known PDF converter that can easily convert any given website into a PDF format such as WebToPDF, etc.
  • Just insert the URL of the blocked website in the same, and then you are good to go. The PDF converter will face the block for you and convert the content of the website into PDF format for you.
  • Obviously, this method won’t work again if you want to gain access to a website that contains video.
  1. The Trick for the Rule Breakers

If you are someone who is ready to break rules then the last and best way to cross this hurdle is to use your own internet on your phone.

  • All one needs for this obviously is a good internet speed to get the job done quickly without getting caught red-handed. This method is the best one has to watch videos from such censored sites.


You can choose whatever tips from above, but just don’t forget to stay alert always. Make sure that the websites that you are trying to work is safe and it does not harm the system through which you are accessing it.

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