Google Drive is a popular online cloud storage service provided by Google and linked to Gmail accounts.

Google Drive gives you the facility to upload photos, videos and documents and it also allows you to access them from anywhere using any device.

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How to Upload Documents to Google Drive from Android?

Android is one of the most popular operating system for mobile phones and is in direct competition with the iOS of iPhones. Most of the phones run on Android and it’s easy to use Android phones to upload documents to your Google Drive.

  • Then locate the ‘+’ icon on the screen which represents the add option and click on it.
  • Then click on the ‘Upload’ option that shows up in the drop-down menu in order to start uploading ‘Pictures’, ‘Videos’ or ‘’Document’.
  • After tapping on ‘Upload’, a new window will open prompting you to select the files you wish to upload and you can select multiple files or documents here.
  • Once you are done choosing, the files will be uploaded to your Google Drive, where you can view them and share them with people if you wish to.

One of the biggest advantages of uploading files to Google Drive is that you can host them from your storage and share them with anyone you want by either creating a link with the appropriate permissions or giving them edit access through their email IDs.

  • First, upload your file to your Google Drive and then click on the file you want to share with someone.
  • Then click on ‘Share’ or the icon that denotes a person along with a plus ‘Sign-In’ order to actually share the file with someone.
  • You can even share the file with people through their email IDs by going to ‘People’ and entering the email addresses of the people you wish to share the file with.
  • By default, people will get an email notification when you share a file with them, but if you don’t want that to happen then click on ‘Advanced’ and uncheck the ‘Notify People’ box.

How to Upload File to Google Drive and Share?

If you want to share a file or a document with a lot of people and don’t want to enter their email addresses or you don’t know their email addresses then you can share them through a link. You can host the document on your Google Drive and then create a shareable link.

  • To upload a file or a document, go to ‘’, open a folder and then you need drag the files you wish to upload or use the add file option.
  • After uploading a file, you can create a sharable link for it and allow people to either just view or view and edit through the link.
  • Once the link is created, you can share it on any messaging apps or even mail to a large group of people. Everyone with the link will be able to access the file.
  • If the file you are sharing is a Google form then you can even add collaborators using email addresses.


  • Always remember to set the appropriate privileges before sharing a file or you may end up forgetting to give edit access or give edit access to people whom you don’t wish to.

If the link created is too long then you can shorten using a URL shortening service.

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