Condoms should always be taken as an essential. They are extremely pivotal during relationship as one can avoid getting enceinte if they don’t want to. Having a condom on during relationship can not only save you unwanted pregnancies but also from catching STDs. Unprotected relationship can lead to various unwanted situations. Hence, one should always know how to use a condom.

Keep reading for basic how to guide for condoms

  • The first step before putting a condom on is checking the state of it. It might be a steamy moment but also try to inspect the wrapper and the packaging. You don’t want to put on a condom that has holes in the wrapper. These can give access to light and other elements and your condom might be damaged. Store your condoms in a cool and dry place. Make sure the container or the drawer doesn’t get any sunlight and is away from sharp objects that might damage it.
  • Second step is the handling of the condom. Never try to open it with scissors or other sharp objects as they can get torn down during the process. The wrappers are fairly easy to open so you shouldn’t need scissors or any other cutters. It is also important not to tear it down with your teeth as that might have the same effect.
  • Once you have the condom in your hand, next step is to put it on. It can seem a little annoying pull the rubber down your member so you can try to lubricate before putting on. Never use jelly or other sorts oils and cream as they can cause the condom to break. Use water based or silicone lubricants. Put a few drops on your member beforehand and then slide it on.
  • The condom should be one before you go for foreplay under the belly. If you think it is getting steamy and you are nearing your partner’s thigh area, then immediately put the condom on. This is done so that you can avoid any pre discharge to enter your partner’s body. That could also get them enceinte and hence disregard the entire use of the condom in the first place.
  • You don’t necessarily have to do the step given above. It depends on your preference. Next, before you put it on make sure it’s not inside out. If you did put it on inside out, then do not take it off and out it on again.Get a new one.
  • Take condom out of the wrapper and make sure its tip is facing upwards. Once you have it in the correct angle in your hand, start putting it on. Slide it over the tip of your member and keep stretching it until you reach the base of the member. While you are putting it on, remember to leave a little space at the top of the condom. Make sure that you cover your entire member from the top to the base with the condom. Any space left uncovered can result in leakage.
  • It is extremely crucial to remember that the condom should be worn when one is hard meaning when they have an erection. This is important to remember because if you do not have an erection and you put it on before getting hard then it might be loose. This looseness will result in leakage as well since there will be space left.
  • You should not have any trouble trying to put it on because most condoms usually come lubricated. You will not need any oils, etc. but if you want you can use lubrication inside and outside the condom.
  • Once you are done doing the deed, you have to immediately take your member out of your partner and dispose of the condom. When you are done, step away and immediately take it out. Try to take it out in such a way that you are facing away from your partner.

One crucial thing to remember is that you have to put on a new condom every time you are about to have relationship. Put on a new condom for anal or vaginal relationship Even if you are going for second rounds.