There is a new way of making purchases today, by using, Gift Cards.

They are given away as presents and gifts, as the name suggests.

Use eBay Gift Card on eBay

First, go here ( if you want to learn more about what these gifts cards are?

  • The above link tells you how you can first ensure that your gift card is activated. This makes sure that it is not used by unauthorized person/persons.
  • If you wish to get some gift cards from eBay, you can do that here.
  • Usually, on eBay you can use the gift card during checkout, that is, after the ‘Pay Now’ button.
  • In the category mentioned ‘Redemption Code’, you can enter the gift card code and or your email, and at this point, the card must be activated.
  • Finally, you can do a click ‘Apply’ and ‘Update Total’ to finish the purchase.

Use eBay Gift Card with PayPal

As you may have noticed above that you need to register with PayPal first in order to use the gift cards, as given on their website. Even, the PayPal website shows you ways to add the eBay gift cards on their site in your account.

  • If you do have an account with PayPal, a free account, then read this official article to know the detailed steps.
  • According to this, you can shop on eBay and pay merchants who use PayPal.
  • Once you have entered the 13-digit ‘Redemption Code’ above and hit ‘Apply’, then you have to click on ‘Continue’.
  • This will precede the transaction via PayPal, and then you have to go ahead and ‘Log-In’ into your PayPal account.
  • Once you have reviewed the payment details with PayPal, the transaction will be allowed and verified. Then, you have to click on ‘Confirm and Pay’ to complete the final step.

Use eBay Gift Card without PayPal

It turns out that now; there are ways to use your eBay gift card without PayPal too. For those who do not have a PayPal account or for some reason do not want to register with it, here is something you can do.

  • Since eBay has now allowed you to directly enter the promo codes on their site and not requiring you to go through PayPal, you can ignore that step.
  • The gift card limits are the same, that is, $2000 per day limit and $5000 per month.
  • These gift cards can be purchased from any offline stores and later you can purchase something online at eBay.


The office supply stores offer them a 5% discount and remember that these can’t be used to purchase other gift cards.

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