Have you been sent an image on Snapchat or checked a friend’s story to see little animated added to what they published? In this handy how to guide, I will walk you through how to add them to your snaps for yourself.

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  1. The first step is to open the Snapchat app on your phone, and this step won’t be applicable to the majority people as you will probably already be logged in, but if you are not making sure you are logged in.  If there are issue signing in, it is on this screen where you can reset your password.
  1. Once you are signed in, the first screen that will pop up will either be your ‘Chats’ screen or your camera view. If you start on the Chats page, you want to get onto the camera.  The way you do this is by swiping your finger left to open the camera.

TIP – You only want do swipe once! If you swipe any further, you will end up on the stories page.

  1. Step three is possibly the easiest or the hardest step depending on how you look at it. It is to take the picture. This can be as basic as just taking a photo of what is in front of you but can be as difficult as you want it to be to get the perfect snap. When you think you have the right shot, press the circle shutter button. This will take the photo.
  1. When you have taken your perfect photo, it’s time to edit it to make a perfect image for your story or to send to your friends an even more perfect image! The editing tools are along the right-hand side. The third one down is the one you are looking for. Click it. This is the sticker icon.
  1. When you have selected the sticker icon you will see a button somewhere with a magnifying glass with the word GIF next to it. This is what you want to click on.
  1. Search for a keyword related to the Gif you want to add. Say for example you want a Gif related to the weekend, search for ‘weekend’ and take your pick. Drag and drop your selected Gif into place.

TIP 1 – Allow some time for the gifs to load when you’ve typed in your keyword. These have a larger file size than a normal sticker due to the animation, so will take slightly longer to load.

TIP 2 – As well as dragging and dropping, by using two fingers you change the size and the angle of the gifs too.

TIP 3 – You can’t send Gifs on their own when using Snapchats instant messenger feature. It must be part of an image.

TIP 4 – The same method is used on iOS and Android devices and you can’t use Gifs on Snapchat on your desktop.

  1. Impress your friends! Press send!

Information – Snapchat Gifs are provided by Giphy, a huge database of Gifs, so I’m sure they will have one to fit any photo you take!

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