If Twitter is a micro-blogging platform, it is so in very large form.

So much so that people use it for businesses and promoting their stuff by all means.

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Twitter for Business for Marketing

When it comes to marketing, you have to follow all the norms of making your brand stand out and stat applies to every aspect of it. For example, the username that you choose makes a difference, so choose your brand name rather than your’s.

  • First, you would like to go to this (https://business.twitter.com/en.html) official site and invest some time learning what Twitter can offer. For example, take a look at their recent marketing calendar.
  • You need to create a brand-centric profile which stars with the username. Become a good listener, interact and respond to people working on the platform, and Tweet often on aspect relevant to your brand.
  • Of course, you have to do all the marketing, or you can hire people to do that for you. For example, taking help of recent news to put how your brand thinks about it is a good idea to keep on people’s minds.

Twitter for Business Advertising

When it comes to advertising with Twitter, we are always referring to digital means and not traditional banners and posters. Today, people are tweeting more often than before, and even the President of USA Tweets on all matters.

  • So, start with this short article on Twitter and learn how you can advertise.
  • You have to create engaging videos and not just static content because technology has made it more functional than before.
  • You have the facility of promoted videos, in-stream videos, and more than engage with customers all the time and keep their minds on your brands.
  • In the same link above, scroll down and read the content under ‘What Kinds of Videos Work Well on Twitter?’

Twitter for Business Promotion

There are several ways to promote your business on Twitter, but some of them are more engaging than others and many of them work instantly than others. Here are some of these tips that you can do for your own sake.

  • Implementing Twitter cards and building slowly and steadily Twitter followers by tweeting about social matters is very important. Today, stay on news and talk about things.
  • Identify identical people and engage with them on a regular basis and tweet and share stuff which also makes people go about your business profile.
  • Use ‘Twitter Lists’ and ‘Twitter Ads’, and always remember to use the popular and viral ‘Hashtags’.
  • Research on your stuff and attack on competitors and make influential content that can go viral and pick up or attract people.


Create always a content plan, and then Tweet and, more engaging your content, the more you stay relevant on people’s minds.

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