There aren’t many brands that have as many loyal followers as Patagonia. Their obsession with quality is the main reason why their army of loyal customers is continuously growing, even though their prices are steadily growing as well.

Their jackets are one of their most wanted products. From the first to the last model, they excel in both appearance and pragmatism. People love them, simple as that. But people are also concerned about one thing – how to wash them properly so that they can contain their superior features and properties.

Fortunately, unlike the many generic guides, we have the perfect formula for washing your Patagonia jacket properly so that nothing gets lost in the process. It is a simple process that you can repeat over and over. That way, you can carry your Patagonia jacket for many years.

Here’s how to wash your Patagonia jacket so that it stays in great condition for many years.

  1. First of all, forget about machine washing

You might find machine washing an easy way. However, the idea is not to walk the easiest path. Instead, you should consider the one to make the most of your Patagonia jacket and make it last for as long as possible.

To that end, you begin by going old school and washing your Patagonia jacket by hand. So yes, that means getting your hands wet, the same way as your grandmother did. You wonder how some of your dad’s jackets are so well preserved after so many years. The reasoning behind handwashing is this.

The first modern washing machines were invented in the late 70s and weren’t mainstream for many years. It is fair to say that most people during the 80s didn’t have a washing machine.

There wasn’t any internet back in those days, and people spent a lot of time roaming the mountains and fields. And yes, Patagonia was selling jackets during that period. Same as today, they were great jackets.

To that end, you can use your bathtub to handwash your Patagonia jacket. But before you start, make sure that all of the pockets are closed. That way, nothing can get tangled and torn apart.

  1. Mind the water temperature and the detergents

In terms of water temperature, use cold or warm water. Wash the jacket only with 100% natural detergents. You can even use any 100% natural soap with the scent of your choosing. Nowadays, it’s easy to find 100% biodegradable, natural solutions in almost all scents that you can use to wash your Patagonia jacket.

That way, you won’t be just prolonging the life of your favorite jacket, but you will also be able to favor the environment.

  1. Don’t use softeners

Adding softeners can be a costly mistake, and you shouldn’t take any risk. We don’t recommend softeners, even if you choose the easy way and machine wash your jacket. There are many softeners on the market which are not 100% natural and biodegradable. If you can find one, then it’s great. Otherwise, you will have to consider other options.

  1. The fine art of handwashing

If you are not familiar with hand washing, don’t worry; there are entire generations that belong to this territory. The good news is you have YouTube to teach you on the fine art of hand washing.

  1. Rinse and dry

Once you have washed it, rinse the jacket with cold water.

The final step is also a blast from the past. After rinsing, the jacket needs to find its place on your drying rack. Don’t even think about using any dryer, even if you set it to the lowest possible mode.

Instead, you can take it out and let the wind do its magic. That’s how people did it back in the days, and that’s how you should do it. This way, your jackets can last for many years. Just that, they didn’t have the internet at that time to write about it and make vlogs.

Just mind the sun. Don’t expose it directly to the sun, especially if it is summer, and the temperatures are sky-high. Find someplace that is shadowed from the Sun and let it dry there.

How do you wash a Patagonia jacket?

In general, washing your gear in cold or warm water with mild powder laundry soap (non-toxic, biodegradable types preferred) and drying it on the line are the best ways to clean Patagonia® products.

Can you put a puffer jacket in the washing machine?

First, use two capfuls or 100ml of your regular washing detergent to wash your puffer jacket in the washing machine. Make sure you wash it with cold water on a gentle cycle in the washing machine as hot water will shrink the jacket.

Are Patagonia Nano Puff Jackets machine washable?

Nano Puff is an insulated jacket that is made out of 100% Recycled polyester and insulated with PrimaLoft® synthetic insulation. It can be washed into a front-loading washing machine, in a permanent press setting, using a mild laundry detergent. Warm water of around 105°F / 40°C should be used, on a gentle cycle.

Is the Patagonia Nano Puff worth it?

The Nano Puff compresses very small into its chest pocket and remains an excellent and classic choice for clipping to your harness or carrying while backpacking and hiking, and will save you a bit of cash when compared to other Patagonia synthetic options.

What is the difference between Patagonia Nano Puff and micro puff?

The Nano puff is more durable but heavier and less packable (bear in mind that it’s still very lightweight and easily stuffs into the crevices of over-packed bags). The Micro Puff is lighter — it tallies 8.3 ounces compared to the Nano’s 11.9 — but less durable with a shell that’s roughly half as thick.

Which is warmer Patagonia Nano Puff or micro puff?

Because, main differences between these two Patagonia Jackets are: Nano Puff is more durable, versatile and looks better (at least to me) Micro Puff is a bit warmer (nothing noticeable though) and 3.5 oz lighter.

Is the Micro Puff warmer than the Nano Puff?

What is the best Patagonia Puff jacket?

Overall, Micro Puff insulation is lighter, warmer, and more packable than the aging Nano Puff tech, but it’s also more expensive. There are plenty of reasons why Nano Puff clothing is the right choice for many outdoor enthusiasts.

Why are Patagonia jackets so expensive?

1. The Nano Puff: The Best For On-The-Go Warmth. If Patagonia outerwear is even remotely on your radar, then you probably have heard of the Nano Puff jacket. A cult classic, the Nano Puff pairs down jacket warmth with insane packability.

Which Patagonia jacket is warmest?

The quality of materials and the fact that everything is done in an environmentally-conscious way, are all factors that affect the price of the product, but they also are the reason why people purchase Patagonia jackets and other garments.

Are Patagonia puff jackets warm?

Hi-Loft Down Hoody is the warmest Patagonia’s down hoodies and jackets get (although there are warmer parkas). However, that doesn’t mean that it’s the best option for all of you. Because there are other factors (packability, overheating, durability, etc) than warmth.

Is Patagonia Nano Puff good for snow?

Temperature might be a number, but cold is a feeling. And Patagonia doesn’t want to tell you how to feel. (Respect.) So, although you won’t find any official temperature ratings associated with the Patagonia Nano Puff, the universe seems to agree that 40-60 degrees Fahrenheit is its sweet spot.

Which is warmer Nano Puff or Thermoball?

The Nano Puff is a sleek-looking coat. And that sleekness helps it compress comfortably under other gear — in a backpack or as an ideal layer for winter snow sessions. In fact, it continues to get lighter: The Nano Puff has lost over one ounce since its inception.

Is North Face or Patagonia better?

The shell and lining of the Thermoball are bluesign approved and made of nylon fabric. The advantages of this jacket being bluesign approved are the same as the Nano Puff. Overall the Thermoball is a slightly warmer jacket and not too much more expensive than the lower-priced Nano Puff insulated jackets.

Which is warmer Nano Puff or Nano air?

So, perhaps it only comes down to price – where of course, North Face is a little cheaper (I can’t quote prices as they vary too often, but it’s usually about 1/4 or more difference). Patagonia typically makes slightly higher quality products and sources more sustainable materials.

Is ThermoBall warm enough?

Insulation and Comfort

While Nano Air is more activity-oriented, Nano Puff is more insulation-oriented, thus making it a far warmer jacket. If you want to stay warm in fairly stationary activities outdoors, then Nano Puff is a better option because PrimaLoft Gold provides exceptional warmth.

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