Depending on where you ride and how often, might want to wax your board once a week or once a month.

Mostly you would like to have it hard coated and save the trouble of spending a lot of money for professional serviceHere are few fairly easy steps to do it right at home with already available tools.

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  1. Get your Supplies

The first thing would be to get the supplies. In a limited setting, this means:

  • Slab of wax
  • Screwdriver
  • Iron
  • Crapper
  • Cleaning brush

The wax you need depends on where you live. There are different temperatures at which you can get them such as -5 degrees C. The scrapper will be used to remove the wax after it cools. The brush is with medium hard bristles to remove the dirt and polish the surface before and after removing the wax. The iron is a normal one that you use to press your clothes with.

  1. Prepare your Snowboard now

  • Needs the last item from the list, a screwdriver. This is needed to remove the attachments from over the board. We want this completely free and smooth of any attachments.
  • Once, you have removed them; polish it with the brush to remove any dirt and sediments that are deposited over the board. Clean it properly. You can also use the spray kind of surface cleaner. The end result is a neat and plane surface.
  1. Wax your Snowboard

Having prepared the flat surface of the board we do waxing now. This involves two sub-steps, waxing and removing.

  • First, we take the block of wax and stick it onto the iron. Because the iron is hot, the wax starts to melt.
  • Allow the drops of wax to fall evenly all over the board.
  • Start from one end and with few inches gap keep them falling until the whole board across length and width is covered.
  • Keep the wax block aside.
  • Take the hot iron and press the board with a frequent circular motion without stopping. This is to evenly distribute the wax all over the board. Just iron on the board without pause so that some area might not get overheated or burn.
  • Now, keep the board for like an hour to let the wax absorbed into the board. Now, with the scrapper remove all the wax. Finally, use the brush to remove any remaining traces of wax.

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