What animal weighs the same as 34 kg?

The Heaviest Animals
Heaviest bear Polar bear 1984 lb (900 kg)
Heaviest bird (flightless) Ostrich 34 lb (156 kg)
Heaviest snake Green anaconda 214 lb (97.5 kg)
Heaviest rodent Capybara 200 lb (91 kg)

What animals are 20kg?

With all three species taken into consideration, the African bush elephant, African forest elephant, and Asian elephant and just how huge they are, there’s no real surprise that an adult elephant’s heart weighs, on average, 20kg.

What animals are 50kg?

How heavy is 50 kilograms? The adult North Pacific Giant Octopus usually weighs around 50 kg. It is the largest octopus species and is known for its considerable intelligence, including the ability to open jars, solve mazes, and mimic other octopuses.

What animal is 200lbs?

What Animal Weighs 200 Pounds?
Mammal Adult weight (kilograms)
Giant forest hog 203
Bottlenosed dolphin 200
Red deer 200
Irrawaddy dolphin 190
Dec 23, 2021

What items are 15kg?

From wild animals to household appliances to dietary information, we will get started on a list of 7 things that weigh 15kg.
  • Coyote. …
  • Grizzled Tree-Kangaroo. …
  • Wolverine. …
  • Mid-Sized Microwave. …
  • Yearly Cheese Intake of the Average American. …
  • 750 Sushis. …
  • 192,308 bees.

How much can a tiger weight?

200 – 680 lbs

140 – 390 lbs


What animal weighs 45kg?

Animal weights 3
Animal Weight in kg
Cheetah 55kg
Chimpanzee 45kg
Coyote 20 kg

What age is a child at 15kg?

Age Vs Weight & Height Table
Baby’s age Weight Height
Month 12 9kg – 12.5kg 70cm – 80cm
Year 2 10kg – 15kg 80cm – 90cm
Year 3 11kg – 17kg 86cm – 100cm
Year 4 13kg – 20kg 92cm – 109cm

Is 20kg heavy?

In my personal opinion 20kg is not heavy but if you were to lift it repetitively it quickly will be even to the strongest individual. The nature of the workout will determine how difficult or ‘heavy’ it will become.

How heavy is this mammal?

Heaviest extant land mammals
Rank Name Mass
1 African bush elephant 5,200–8,000 kg (11,500–17,600 lb)
2 Asian elephant 2,400–5,000 kg (5,300–11,000 lb)
3 African forest elephant 1,700–4,000 kg (3,700–8,800 lb)
4 White rhinoceros 3,000–3,600 kg (6,600–7,900 lb)

How heavy is an elephant?

Asian elephant: 8,800 lbs

African bush elephant: 13,000 lbs

African forest elephant: 6,000 – 13,000 lbs


Is 45kg heavy?

45 kg is quite light for a person though. If it’s too heavy, you can try carrying them on your back, when their buttocks rest on your lumbar, but this is very uncomfortable. This is all assuming you’re carrying someone consentually.

What creature can weigh up to 1700 kg?

True heavyweights of the animal kingdom, the Arctic’s walruses can weigh up to 1700 kilograms, thanks in part to a six-inch layer of insulating tissue.

What is the heaviest land animal?

African bush elephant
Elephants are the world’s largest land animals. A big bull African bush elephant can weigh 11.5 to 12.25 tons, while the smaller African forest elephant can weigh up to 6 tons. The Asian elephant weighs about 8 tons.