How do I know what size battery for my watch?

You can look in your owner’s manual for the specific model and watch battery size. Other methods include doing a quick google search with the brand name and model number or opening up the watch to read the number on the battery. 116 and 377 are common watch battery types to look out for.

What battery is equivalent to SR626?

Energizer 377-376
Energizer 377-376 battery equivalent: Duracell 377, Duracell D377, Energizer 377, Maxell SR626SW, Panasonic SP377, Renata 377, Sony SR626SW, Timex BA, Toshiba SR626SW and Varta V377.

Can you replace a Nixon watch battery?

How Do I Get A New Battery? Nixon offers a premium battery service that includes a battery replacement, a gasket check and lubrication, case back re-seal, and a pressure test to ensure water resistance of the watch seal.

What is a 364 battery?

Used in watches, toys, glucose monitors and calculators. Long Lasting Zero Mercury Specialty Battery. Cell size: 364. Replacement for: SR60, SR621SW, 280-34, D364, SB-AG, SB-DG, TR621SW.

Can I use a 377 battery instead of 364?

No, despite they feature the same chemistry (silver-oxide) and very similar dimensions: – 364: 6.8 x 2.1 mm, – 377: 6.8 x 2.6 mm. Due to the same diameter and very similar height, it is possible to place 364 battery into the 377 battery compartment, and sometimes even vice versa.

Are 626 and 377 batteries the same?

Is Energizer 377 the same as SR626SW? Yes, Energizer 377/376 battery is a 6.8 x 2.6 mm battery based on the silver-oxide chemistry which is equivalent to most SR626SW batteries.

What kind of batteries are used in watches?

About Watch Batteries. Most batteries used in watches today are silver-oxide or lithium batteries, of which there are over 100 in use. The shelf life of a battery is the same as its useful life. Watches are so efficient that they use very little energy–compare this to getting 500 miles to the gallon in a car.

What battery is equivalent to sr927w?

399 battery
For example, a size 399 battery is the equivalent of a SR927SW battery, which is also the same is a SG7 Battery.

Is 364 battery same as SR621SW?

364 Battery is a direct replacement for SR621SW, SR60, SR621, SB-AG/DG, 280-34, T, V364, D364, 602, S621E, GP364, AG1, AG-1, 364, L621, LR621, SG1, LR60, LR620, SW621, GP164, 364X, 364A, AG1/364A, SB-AG, E364 batteries.

What battery is equivalent to 377?

377 Watch Battery SR626SW and equivalent button cell batteries – SR626, SR626W, SR66, D377, V377, AG4, GP377, SB-AW, 377.

What size is a standard watch battery?

A button cell, watch battery, or coin battery is a small single-cell battery shaped as a squat cylinder typically 5 to 25 mm (0.197 to 0.984 in) in diameter and 1 to 6 mm (0.039 to 0.236 in) high — resembling a button.

What is the difference between 370 and 371 battery?

Whilst the 370 and 371 are the same physical size, the 370 is designed for high drain applications (watches with alarms and chronographs etc), the 371 is for low drain. You can use either but if you use the wrong one for your watch the battery life will be shorter.

Is a 377 the same as LR41?

What battery does 377 replace? 377 battery is a button/coin cell featuring physical dimensions of 6.8 x 2.6 mm, while LR41 battery is a 7.9 x 3.6 mm button/coin cell battery – obviously, these two batteries are NOT interchangeable.

Are AG12 and AG13 batteries the same?

Both are 11.6mm diameter. AG12 (LR43) is 4.2mm thick. AG13 (LR44) is 5.4mm thick. As you’d expect capacity is greater for the larger battery.

Are all 377 batteries the same?

377 and 376 are the same battery. The number changes, depending on the item they are used in.

What battery replaces LR41?

Direct replacements for LR41 would be 192, 92A,LR736, and AG3. These batteries are exact equivalents for the LR41 battery, the only difference being the name.

Can I use a 377 battery instead of 392?

Answer: Check the web for stores like “Batteries and Bulbs”. Answer: … Both are Silver Oxide batteries but the 377 is designed for low drain watches and the 392 is designed for higher drain watches.

Is 392 Battery same as LR41?

This 392 Silver Oxide Button Cell Battery is 1.55 V and has a capacity of 45 mAh. It is also commonly called a LR41 battery. These are replacement watch batteries and replacement small electronics batteries.

What kind of battery does a digital thermometer take?

1.5 volt replacement battery for electronic digital thermometers.

Quick Overview.
Brand Eveready Battery
Assembly Required No

What is the Duracell equivalent of an LR41 battery?

Duracell 384/392B Watch Battery (SR41, GS3, G3, LR41 Replacement), D384-392PK.