How often should you feed a Dojo Loach?

Since they can be fed many times a day in small quantities, it is better to give them a variety of food in a day – some wafers of algae at one time, some sinking pellets, live earthworms for one serving, and maybe some peas for one. They are sure to enjoy all of these different varieties of food.

What is the best food for loaches?

To ensure that they get enough food, they should be fed sinking food in the form of pellets, or frozen food that tends to sink to the bottom of the tank. Some good frozen foods are blackworms, blood worms and in some cases brine shrimp, and Hikari Sinking Wafers is one of the best sinking foods you can feed them.

Do Dojo Loaches eat vegetables?

Dojo loaches looooove veggies. I like to feed mine zucchini and broccoli. While your dojo loaches will eat either, I tend to favor broccoli for two reasons.

Do Dojo Loaches eat other fish?

Dojo Loach need the same care and consideration when it comes to feeding just like all the other fish in your aquarium. They will need the same types of food at the same time as others. Dojo’s will eat throughout the night and search for leftover food.

What do I feed my Loach?

They prefer sinking foods such as community pellets, Repashy gel food, frozen bloodworms, and live blackworms. If the other fish in your aquarium are eating all the food before the kuhli loaches get to them, try feeding them at night when the lights are out, and they’re sure to get nice and plump.

Do loaches eat algae?

1. Reticulated Hillstream Loach. This oddball fish is one of the coolest-looking algae eaters you will ever see. … Think of them like your personal window washers for diatoms and other flat kinds of algae.

Are Dojo Loaches aggressive?

Are dojo loaches aggressive? While more dojo loaches are very peaceful and even playful towards other fish, some hobbyists have had problems with their fish being overly active and nipping at fins.

Do loach eat snails?

Clown Loach

The Clown Loach has quite the reputation as a snail-eating fish (and for good reason). You might see them patrolling the waters before quickly digging under the substrate. This makes them highly efficient at getting rid of snails that like to burrow and hide.

Are Dojo Loaches Hardy?

The Dojo Loach is quite hardy, but Loaches in generally are more susceptible to disease than other aquarium fishes. This may have to do with the faint body scales. Take caution when introducing these fish to an established tank.

Are Dojo Loaches friendly?

Dojo Loaches are quite peaceful. They will hide when they feel threatened, and stay out in the open if they’re comfortable. These fish are actually very social and playful when in the presence of a larger group! One cool thing about this species is that they’re friendly with humans.

Do Dojo Loaches breathe air?

The Dojo Loach can be considered a good fish for the freshwater fish beginner because it generally has undemanding water parameters, except for the temperature. … It is interesting to note that this fish can breathe in air when the oxygen levels in the water become depleted.

Do Dojo Loaches lay eggs?

Once spawning has occurred between the male and female she will lay around 50 eggs that will hatch within an average of three days. Once the female Dojo Loach has laid her eggs they should be removed and placed in a separate tank to prevent them from being eaten.

Why is my Dojo Loach floating?

They also like to hang out and rest in clumps of soft floating plants. It may be your dojo is just resting and enjoying his effortless, energy-saving float in the current. As for sores, keep your water quality top notch, and they should heal by themselves. Moving the fish to treat it will only stress it out.

How long can a Dojo Loach go without eating?

A healthy, grown-up aquarium fish can go from 3 days to 1 whole week, without eating any food.

Are Dojo Loaches nocturnal?

Dojo loaches don’t really have specific lighting requirements. They are a nocturnal species that actually prefers the light to be off.

Do Dojo Loaches eat algae?

Dojo Loach – Algae eating pond fish

Dojo are know to eat day and night their favorite food is algae of all types. … The fish are bottom-dwelling scavengers, feeding mainly on organic material such as algae. Weather loaches are omnivorous and may also feed on tubifex worms and other small aquatic organisms.

How long does a loach live?

10 years
Scientific Name Misgurnus angullicaudatus
Origin China, Korea, Japan, Northern Vietnam, Siberia, Sakhalin
Adult Size 12 inches (30 cm)
Social Peaceful, suitable for a community tank
Lifespan 10 years

Can loaches live in cold water?

Readily available, the weather loach (Misgurnus angullicaudatus) or Pond Loach from East Asia is one of the easiest fish to care for. Couple that with the fact that they will tolerate temperatures in the 50’s, they are excellent candidates for a cold water tank.

What size tank do loaches need?

Clown Loaches Facts & Overview
Category Rating
Family: Botiidae
Minimum Tank Size: Over 75 gallons
Tank Set-Up: Tropical Freshwater
Compatibility: Community Tanks
Jul 13, 2019