What does Asims stand for in the military?

Acronym Definition
ASIMS Army Standard Information Management System
ASIMS Air Staff Information Management System
ASIMS Automated Security Incident Measurement System
ASIMS American Society of Irish Medieval Studies

What is IMR Air Force?

Individual Medical Readiness (IMR)

How often is PHAQ due?

Every three years
Every three years you will be required to complete an IN-PERSON PHA. Once your PHAQ is reviewed, you’ll be notified and can make an appointment for the in-person PHA.

How long is Air Force PHA good for?

a. Service members are required to complete a PHA every 12 months. b. The PHA is recorded as overdue if it is not completed within 90 days after the due date.

What does pink mean on IMR?

RED: Requirement is overdue and unit leadership is notified of the status. PINK: Requirement is optional.

What does blue mean on IMR?

The Overdue Date Overdue Date Overdue Date field is highlighted in blue to indicate an additional dose of MMR and Td are overdue.

What happens during a PHA?

What happens during a PHA draw? First, you will complete a brief medical history form. We will then measure your height, weight, waist measurement and blood pressure. Lastly, we take a single blood sample from your arm.

How long is a Navy PHA good for?

All steps should be completed ideally within a month and no longer than three months, however there is no time-limit currently (i.e., a started PHA will remain open and valid until all four steps have been completed and certified).

Is a PHA a physical?

Physical Health Assessment (PHA) – Naval Medical Administrative Unit (NMAU)

Can I eat before a PHA?

All PHA blood work needs to be completed after “fasting.” This means nothing to eat or drink (except water and medications) for 12 hours prior to reporting to the lab.

Who is HIA?

WHO defines HIA as “a combination of procedures, methods and tools by which a policy, programme or project may be judged as to its potential effects on the health of a population, and the distribution of those effects within the population”.

What is DSN army PHA?

The Defense Switched Network is the principle long haul voice communications command network with the Defense Communicating System, providing nonsecure direct-distance dialing service worldwide through a system of government-owned and-leased automatic switching facilities.

What is a DD 3024?

PRIVACY ACT STATEMENT. Privacy Act Statement: DD Form 3024 will collect PII that is stored in active duty and reserve servicemembers’ medical and military personnel. records, a system of records, and retrieved by a personal identifier. Therefore, the Privacy Act applies, and a Privacy Act Statement is required.

What happened ako?

Army Knowledge Online (AKO) may have stopped being accessible to users at the end of June, but PEO EIS’s Enterprise Content Collaboration and Messaging (EC2M) product office — part of EIS’s Enterprise Services portfolio — officially brought the program to a close on July 26.

What is DOD DSN?

The Defense Switched Network (DSN) is a primary information transfer network for the Defense Information Systems Network (DISN) of the United States Department of Defense. … The network assures nonblocking service for users with “flash” and “flash override” precedence capabilities.

What does Medpros stand for in the Army?

Army Medical Protection SystemArmy. Medical Protection System (MEDPROS) (CAC Authentication Required) MEDPROS provides for the data entry and reporting/tracking of medical and dental readiness information for Soldiers, Units, and Task Forces.