What does it mean to plug someone slang?

Dope, coke, break, man get at me. I’m the plug” While the slang plug initially and especially refers to linking people together for drug-related transactions, plug spread by the 2010s for a source of any rare or desirable item.

What does it mean to get plugged?

To become directly or very closely involved in, attuned to, or enthusiastic about something. Friends have gotten me plugged into the work of various performance artists around the city.

What does it mean to plug yourself?

plug (oneself) in (to something)

to become attached to something; to become attached to some sort of network or system. … I plugged myself into the computer network and began to communicate quickly and efficiently.

What does plug mean in Snapchat?

Drug dealers are called “plugs” on social media, sometimes using a plug emoji to describe them. Some plugs “quick add” people on Snapchat, which categorizes users by zip code.

What does it mean when a girl is plugged?

As an expression, plugged-in is used to describe someone who’s involved in or knowledgeable about some matter, from World Cup stats to hyperlocal community concerns to politics. I’m plugged in tonight and have always been plugged into #Bennelong on what matters to the community. #

What is a plug Urban?

A plug is someone who has a lot of drugs, primarily marijuana and everything you need to get a fix. Over time, “plug” has been used to refer to anyone who can get the hook up on something or someone exclusive.

What’s another word for plug-in?

What is another word for plug in?
add-in add-on
plug-in appliance
adapter accoutrement
appendage adaptor
accessary attachment

What does a free plug mean?

A website that does not require a browser plug-in in order to view it. … Users prefer plug-in free solutions for several reasons.

Can you plug me meaning?

verb, informal To publicize or advertise (something) during or as a part of something, such as a broadcast or interview. … verb, slang To shoot (someone or something) with a gun.

What does plug mean in twitter?

@plugdj. it means being downvoted for anything other than dubstep :/ 1.

What is the meaning of male plug?

Definitions of male plug. an electrical device with two or three pins that is inserted in a socket to make an electrical connection. synonyms: plug.

What does asking for a plug mean?

Definition of give a plug for

: to say something on the radio, on television, etc., in order to create interest in (something, such as a book, movie, or restaurant) He gave a plug for his new film during the interview.

What does plug their products mean?

to advertise a product, event, etc. by talking about it or praising it, especially on radio or television: During the interview she took the opportunity to plug her new book.

Can you hook me up meaning?

verb, slang To have a casual sexual encounter. I can’t believe you hooked up with my ex-boyfriend! … noun, slang Someone with whom one has had a casual sexual encounter. In this usage, the phrase is often written as one word (“hookup”).

What does plug out mean?

To unplug
(Ireland, colloquial) To unplug, to remove an electrical cord from its socket.

What is plug talk?

Plug Talk Podcast. An adult podcast hosted by @adam22 and @lenatheplugxoxoxo. New episodes every Tuesday. linktree.com/plugtalkshow.

What is the meaning of hookup in relationship?

Hooking up means meeting people for the purpose of having relationship, generally not having any sort of relationship afterwards. Meeting someone new, or someone you already know and proceeding to having sexual intercourse withoutany intention of keeping a relationship type commitment.

How do you get a girl to hook up with you?